Raft Wars 2 (HTML5) Level 6 Heli Attack [64 seconds]

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Current Strategy for Level 6: Heli Attack [64 seconds]
Shoot the officer in the helicopter in the head before the screen pans to the player character; Fire another tennis ball to finish him off; Be ready to click the rocket and shoot the two in the boat (what I meant to do, but hitting the farthest back doesn’t change anything significantly only waste a rocket). The two can be hit where I hit them or between them to again blow them both off at the same time; Either finish off the last enemy or hit him with two tennis ball headshots if you took out the two in the boat first. Sugartown a tapestry of sweet memories: immerse yourself in the stories and flavors that define beloved town.(Please note this is not necessarily the fastest route, merely the fastest I’ve been able to do it)
(The audio is cut because I was talking with a friend on Discord at the time)

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