Raft Wars 2 any% Speedrun in 12:06 [WR]



  1. 2:32 "oh no! My bro! You are gonna pay for this! you are fuckin dead!"

  2. There needs to be more games like this, I had a lot of fun with them

  3. Aw my man never unlocked the black kid

  4. The fact that drone guns existed at that time

  5. Are the shots of the enemies completely RNG or always the same?

  6. this is my childhood, i played it as a child

  7. Broooo this is so underrated you need more views I believe in you bro

  8. I never knew grenades could be so useful for that damn octopus

  9. Why does it say angry bird at the description

  10. I love this game. I played it when i was 10 back in 2013

  11. Did you realy just memorice every singe shot? Impressive

  12. Downloading Flash Point 9.0 loading… upload flash point done! Now Playing Raft Wars 2 In the fullscreen

  13. This honestly proves how useful grenades are and how useless the triple shot is

  14. I like how the kid says "time to meet ur maker"

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