Raft Wars 2 any% Speedrun in 12:06 [WR]



  1. The fact that drone guns existed at that time

  2. Are the shots of the enemies completely RNG or always the same?

  3. this is my childhood, i played it as a child

  4. Broooo this is so underrated you need more views I believe in you bro

  5. I never knew grenades could be so useful for that damn octopus

  6. Why does it say angry bird at the description

  7. I love this game. I played it when i was 10 back in 2013

  8. Did you realy just memorice every singe shot? Impressive

  9. Downloading Flash Point 9.0 loading… upload flash point done! Now Playing Raft Wars 2 In the fullscreen

  10. This honestly proves how useful grenades are and how useless the triple shot is

  11. I like how the kid says "time to meet ur maker"

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