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  1. Where's that "do not recommend this channel" option on pc??? i'm getting so many weird recommendations

  2. Oh good. There's cancer on YouTube too now. Thought it was just Instagram reels

  3. I'm sick and tired of seeing this in my search of game development shit, my god

  4. “Why is this recommended? I was looking for ________.”
    You clicked it. We all did. Welcome to the club.

  5. The fact that she still didnt remove this video is crazy

  6. I got this recommended while searching for an old video about an old fancy glitch in the game called Terraria

  7. am wondering if she was more concerned because she wasn't wearing any knickers?….

  8. This is staged as fuck but what's more annoying is that should be considered as child predatorial act

  9. I was looking for a minecraft playthrough from 11 years ago 💀

  10. I was looking at cable tie guns reviews how did I end up here

  11. Why the hell is this in my recommendations, I was looking for shadowescapes lessons

  12. How is this recommended video for "Eve online for beginner's"' search??

  13. it was all a plot guys , she intentionally set it up 👁️

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