Pantheon Plus U2 #74 – Unique Items and Abilities – Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen Dev Stream

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Join Desryn, Redbeardflynn and the Pantheon community as they discuss the most recent Parting the Veil stream which talked about unique items and abilities. Grab your glider and lets dive into it!


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  1. Yeah, I like that VR is primarily focused on presenting Pantheon as its own thing. That uniqueness is displayed in every stream. While I am rooting for all the new MMOs, my Home will be Pantheon. No other game presents itself as the kind of game I will be devoted to like I did with WoW. That kind of commitment can't be spread everywhere. I played and very much enjoyed Rifts, City of Heroes, Anarchy Online and Guildwars, but I lived in Azeroth.Same will happen when other games come out. I will play them, but Pantheon will be Home. Good stream guys…

  2. The more Redbeard, the better. I'd love to see him as a permanent member of this show. Love that dude.

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