Miniclip Mondays #1: I Am A Raft Wars Trickshot GOD.


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Outro Song: JJD Future

Intro Song: Bro safari x ufo! Zombies (big wild remix)


  1. You should play Zombie Defence Agency, Johnny Upgrade, Papa's Hotdoggeria, and maybe even one of my all time favorite games, Monster Castle. These are all great games and I reccomend you please play them.

  2. Miniclip Monday

    Posted on wednesday

  3. I know its not monday. I have hobbies ok…? like birdwatching and stuff…

  4. I used to play the shit out of that on friv when I was like 7

  5. When did God get a youtube channel?

  6. All this channel is anymore is dancing to intros of old games and telling people to go to twitch on that a$$

  7. This is not the cool math games walkthrough I was promised

  8. Bruh this game bring back memories I was playing this when I was like 7

  9. The real question is how did tha babies got missiles and granades?

  10. I used to love this game when I was a kid it was the OG for real man

  11. OMG YES I LUV YOU CHICKEN NUGGET SAUCE (nice dancin btw hehehehehehehe)

  12. Saucey, you should play Sea Of Thieves with Mickey. Great Video

  13. If you remember this game you qualify for a veterans pass

  14. Dude i was playing that game like 4 years ago and it still is so lit

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