Minecraft but you can NEVER find what you NEED

Minecraft but you can NEVER find what you NEED…..the story about never being able to find things when you need them in Minecraft…

Voice Actors: Evbo, @SeaWattgaming, Jackswano
Actors: Evbo, Tabi382

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The Ranger’s Tavern – Ean Grimm


  1. Bazen anlatsınki en çok istediğin şeyi zorla aldığında en ihtiyacın olduğu şeyi kaybedersin….(Translate in to english) (Thşs comment is turkish)

  2. This is just sol rng haha you never get anything you need in sol rng

  3. Bro is the unluckiest on the university 😂😂😂😂

  4. If there are all diamonds, build your house out of diamond block

  5. In the diamond one I would use reverse psychology lol

  6. At the end the splash text said "ph1lza had a good run" also there is a splash text that says Technoblade never dies

  7. i have a question what happened to grox?

  8. Bro when you did the subscribe plug I realized I’ve been watching your vids all the time but I wasn’t subbed

  9. Only 4 and 5 year olds can like this tipe of reta.rded videos.

  10. You make 😂😂😂 cobolston lava and water

  11. helllo im little crazy head

  12. If you type the seed
    You will find a quadruple village
    I’m not lying

  13. people who saw the tree was for wood left

  14. I literally see gold. Why did he not get it?😢

  15. Bro u weren't mining for three hours… Ur pickaxe at full durability

  16. The ones who are subscribed will be let in on my master plan to control the world……if you aren't subscribed good luck…..ENJOY THE VIDEO

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