Marvel’s Secret Invasion Part 3 (Comics Explained)

Comics Explained
▸ What is Secret Invasion: Secret Invasion is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled eight-issue limited series and several tie-in books published by Marvel Comics from April through December 2008. The story involves a subversive, long-term invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, a group of alien shapeshifters who have secretly replaced many superheroes in the Marvel Universe with impostors over a period of years, prior to the overt invasion. Marvel’s promotional tagline for the event was “Who do you trust?”.

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Marvel’s Secret Invasion Part 4 (Comics Explained)

Comics Explained


  1. Can we please get….
    Grim Reaper explained
    Rob Jefferson explained videos please 🙏🏾(not giving up)

    …..Rob Corps I need your help like Lord Schnitzel

  2. 😄that looks like a low key shot on B. M. Benders

  3. Look. It's a Dr Strange Black Bolt. Where is the HULK?

  4. I never like BENDIS!
    Now it's to the point of /cringe & my whole local shop & friends feel this way..
    I think the topic started around OldMan Logan & the "Doom" debates and how Bendis had a major problem of complicating everything & then being simple or disregarding.. ugh!!

  5. if you really think about it either skrull should by all that counts be the most intelligent race in the universe or it makes no sense that they can replicate someone like hank pym in a way where he can do science stuff with reed without reed noticing anything. even if you say you can do perfect clones longe before you reach their intelligence level they would still have some of the smartest people i existence that they can clone as much as they want and if they can do that why can't they instead of invading let them do science for the skrull. just imagine you could at will create a citadel of reed that solely works for your races expansion

  6. Did they ever consider to just do a blood test? Like, once the blood has left their body wouldn't it turn into Skroll blood?

  7. I really enjoyed x-men secret invasion. If you decide to cover a side story can you cover that Rob?

  8. Your just smashing the videos out Rob it's awesome thanks heaps

  9. Kind of a rush in your voice… Why not slow down a bit…

    Ignore if not many agree with this..

  10. Yoo the track is fire in this vid!!!!

  11. I want a comics explained on the kool-aid man and his adventures

  12. what if wolverine in the new deadpool 3 will be a scroll? thats why hes alive lmao

  13. So, everything in the MCU was a Scrolls reference?

  14. you shoud do your 10 personal best marvel storylines from the comics

  15. It's a shame the secret Invasion show isn't going to be as stacked as the comic…. so far all we know is it revolves around Nick Fury, and I'm down for it…. but everyone expecting this story needs to temper their expectations (they're not likely going to get every big name actor Marvel hero together for a tv show)

  16. Ironically this is the first comic book I've ever owned I was like 10 and sooo confused

  17. Do they ever explain how skrulls are able to use the powers as well instead of just their looks?

  18. Wouldn't your favorite Marvel character Black Bolt already of known too Rob? 😎😎

  19. 7:32 norman being surrounded by women is just great isn't it?

  20. Secret Invasion is by far one of my favorite stories in comics. So glad you have decided to cover it, Rob. I hope the MCU does an excellent job with this story arc.

  21. Rob what’s the song playing in the background in the beginning of this video????

  22. @comicsexplained @robjefferson
    Hey Rob. I have a pretty vague question. How much do you think a water damaged copy of Blue Marvel #1 is worth? It's autographed and it came from Kevin Gervioux himself…his own personal copy?

  23. We have a mystery on our hands and we need the Scooby gang to solve it, is it Mockingbird or a skrull? We're left at a cliff hanger and I'm dying to know how poor Hawkeye will react to the thought that his wife could be a skrull.

  24. I remember in the old Fantastic Four Comics there was a cow in a field and that cow in the end turned out to be a skrull. Correct me if I am wrong.

  25. I would have loved Wolverine to give the others a survivalist/black-ops lesson:
    "You can't trust me. My powers are genetic. Easy to splice. For all you know both 'me's could be Skrull, planted to to abuse your herd mentality, so keen on believing that one automatically has to be real… And don't think memories mean a damned thing. Mine were doctored with a lot back in the day, and after all these years I'm still not sure which of them actually happened… The Skrull have access to psychics and a bunch of fancy tech. If they had her at any point, they likely copied all her memories…"

  26. Didn't Deadpool end a skrull invasion? Surely it wasn't this one.

  27. Great stuff Rob!
    A piece of feedback: background music with lyrics is making it harder for me to focus on your storytelling.
    I keep thinking that I left a tab, playing music, open or something.

  28. I never understood why Luke Cage is drawn to look like Ming the Merciless

  29. If anybody is actually reading these comments…..I have a theory about that BIG FUCKING LIE of a movie Infinity War……it's late as hell, but I've been saying this for a few years now……

    Is it at all possible that Thanos is actually RIGHT? What if the ONE plot twist in all this that everybody missed was that instead of thinking Thanos was trying to wipe out all life in the universe because…."resources"…….what if Thanos was ACTUALLY wiping out ONLY Skrulls. Maybe he somehow KNEW that the Skrull population grew so big that it actually WAS more than half the life in the universe, and the ONLY BEINGS that Thanos snapped out were Skrulls in disguise.

    Now, after End Game, everybody came back…skrulls and all. They already had Skrulls in the Captain Marvel movie. And they're already making a Secret Invasion movie. Who knows? It just might cover my theory and make everybody's heads explode when they think back to Infinity War. I mean, those garbage ass Russo Brothers already totally and completely fucked up everything they've touched and shaped their garbage in their own image, so why the hell not, right?

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