Raft has fully released so let’s go crazy at sea all over again together!

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Jack: “that island is getting closer to me” me: “yes jack lOgiC”

  2. My anxiety: Please expand your raft you are gonna loose everything and there is no spaceeeeeeee

  3. Omg I got raft about 20 mins before I watched this vid and I named my world waterworld

  4. Sean: I'M DYIIIING of THIRST!!!
    But has melons in his inventory lmao

  5. I love that he played this before it became popular😂

  6. I don’t watch YouTube a lot but every time I do I think about watching you

  7. Sean's reactions always kill me 😂😂

  8. Oh I thought the demo was a Fuckin clone

  9. Raft? Allow for me to fix that typo. Moana Simulator.

  10. wow jack lookes so different from right now! but the voice is always still the same 😀

  11. Almost 3 years late. Not going to lie, at least I was late fashionably- jkjk

  12. my top four survival games

    1: the forest

    2: raft

    3: Minecraft

    4: subnautica

  13. Having watched Jack play Subnautica, I anticipate panic the moment he realizes he actually needs to put a modicum of effort into staying healthy in Raft.

    Jack building a crop plot, that needs water, at the same time his thirst went critical is too perfect for words.

  14. jacksepticeye: can I be moana

    Me: ———
    my brain: LMAO lol ima gonna die

  15. Need help. I made fanart for Jacksepticeye, but I don't know how to send the fanart to Jacksepticeye. Also I live in the USA. Sooo, I need help before the art I made dissappear some where in my room. Seriously, it's like a black hole in space.

  16. "maybe I should use this fricken fishing rod that I have………………..nah ima starve to death" this line has me dead💀

  17. Does anyone remember when this game was popular?

  18. Jack: "I don't have any friends"
    Over 27.4 Million People: " We are your friends"

  19. 1:11 all 27.7 of your subscribers standing there including me hello there

  20. The sharks eating the raft would freak me out!!!

  21. Does anyone know if you can get this for ps4?

  22. The moment Jack starts getting thirsty, some cheerful happy music plays

  23. 4 years later and this game has grown so much. such a great game to spend time in.

  24. Jack, how that the full game is out, are you gonner play Raft agan?

  25. Too bad he stopped playing this. He played more beta with less content than when it came out…
    So much video content missed out. He even was upset that there was so little content in the beta

  26. Kill the shark for ultimate food then cook it and eat it .

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