Let’s Play Raft Wars

Play Raft Wars here:

I show off another browser game I was shown by a friend in elementary school, this one about a group of baby boys defending their treasure from beachside burglars in a war that even crosses family lines. I play through it while reminiscing about the good old days of being happy on the computer instead of being sad on the computer.



  1. Woah Tim! I didn’t know you helped co-create Lil Bush!

  2. I’m starting to think you and I had the exact same childhood best friend. He introduced me to literally all the exact same browser games that you’ve played on this channel. We also used to play “stick rpg,” which if I remember correctly, was a game where you play as a stick figure and read a bunch of books and go to the gym a lot so you can kill people in bar fights. Probably the game I remember the most was literally called “torture,” and the whole goal of the game was just to violently kill a guy by cutting off his limbs and ripping his skin off. I seriously have no idea why I enjoyed that shit as a kid, it would probably horrify me as an adult. But like, early internet had so much weird, random and awful stuff to just find like that. And as a kid, all that mattered to me was “more games to play.”

    I also remember when I first found YouTube, and for a while all I would do after school is watch “stupid deaths in super Mario 64,” where a guy recorded himself doing dumb stuff in Mario while listening to scatman for some reason. Thanks for these browser game videos, they’re a nice blast from the past and it’s fun seeing how you seemed to play the exact same stuff as me.

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