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Plunge into LEGO Raft Survival

Ahoy there, matey! Unless you want to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker, you better ready your bricks for the nautical dangers that await in LEGO Raft Survival, inspired by the classic LEGO Pirates theme.

In this survival game, you and up to three other land-builders will test your sea legs by drifting onto the high seas aboard small river rafts. But this is far from a relaxing ride — you’ll be bombarded with cannon fire from the infamous Barracuda Ship!

If you don’t wanna feed the fish, you’ll need to support your fellow crewmates and build new rafts to keep afloat.

LEGO islands is a series of family-friendly experiences that the LEGO Group has created using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN)!

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  1. I hope you can ride the rubber ducks. For no specific reason…

  2. Skull and Bones definitely wishing it could look that fun

  3. Day 5 of asking PlayStation to add Shrek 2 from the ps2 to PlayStation Plus or Premium for the ps5🤞🏻

  4. I’ve kind of wanted a raft like game on PlayStation let’s goo

  5. I'm 23 years old cute little boy and I love Lego is so fun to play🤗

  6. Who else's favourite Lego set! Back in the day! Was the freaking Pirate Set! haha

  7. Wow, Fortnite devolved into even more trash

  8. Oh it's fortnite… Thought this was an open world sandbox. Moving on.

  9. Thank you Skull and Bones for the update!☺️

  10. This has got to be related to one piece x fortnite

  11. Why don't you make a jungle locale instead of this but with dinosaurs and monkehs? 😐🐵

  12. Now remaster the actual LEGO Island games

  13. They put Peter Griffin in Fortnite: I sleep…

    Thet put Captain Roger Redbeard in Fortnite: REAL BRICK

  14. Why is evrything only on fortnite, make an own lego collection game !

  15. Does anyone remember that game called Raft Wars this reminds of that


  17. playing lego video games Or play lego in real life you never know 😯😯🙂🙂🌟✨️🎆🎇

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  19. Imagine making a "AAAA" game and getting an inferior game than Lego

  20. At this point they’re just flexing on Ubisoft 😂

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