Today we’re playing Raft Wars! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you want to see more flash games like this SMASH that like button.

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  1. Tewtiy plz I only subscribed to your channel not others like populaurmmos

  2. the raft moves up and downe so it willbe diffrent

  3. Tewtiy why dont you play with jerome and the boys anymore

  4. The kids name isn’t Timothy it’s Manny Sanchez

  5. How did he spend 30 minutes on one level…

  6. Coming back to a YouTube channel in one year
    Me: ._.

  7. The Legend of the Available Username says:

    Thought you had the common sense towork out its different people tewtiys

  8. do you like the gaming beaver if you even know him

  9. You never raged harder? You used that same title for your spelunky video.

  10. Keep the gold and buy a new raft thats the teknic

  11. 1:02:37 On the last level when Simon’s parents fight against Simon, I completed that level a few days ago and beat the game officially and completely, and I am only 12 years old. 🥳

  12. You spent half of the video on that one level

  13. Everybody dance until he calls people raisins!

  14. Game of the thorn and green arrow and kindom and punish and season and episode only usa only for adults only

  15. Level 1 pirates
    Level 2 Vikings
    Level 3 city folk
    Level 4 neighbors
    Level 5 crazy guys
    Level 6 more pirates
    Level 7 masked hunters
    Level 8 more Vikings
    Level 9 more city folks
    Level 10 more neighbors
    Level 11 Simons parents

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