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  1. you could do like can i go to the bathroom,the talkative class, crazy cafeteria, the honors students and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I started watching DP 2 months ago and then a couple weeks ago I started watchingg all 93 battle videos at 2x speed it was so fun keep up the great fun!

  3. I would rename the video island survive battle!!!

  4. i can't keep rooting for sparky its so hard

  5. Gotta feel for Cory man. The guy got tossed out the wayside twice in one video. Watch this push him to become the strongest physical guy in the room in the next year.

  6. Yellow team cheated on the raft …let's just sit …not try anything

  7. Choosing Sparky instead of Ty was a bad business decision 😂

  8. I had you smoothie and it was deliciously amazing!!!🤩

  9. Love you videos especially OVERTIME I feel bad for Garrett though almost every one i watched he got drawn for Wheel, Feel bad for Cory to everytime he draws himself always funny but feel bad for the guy. Love Ned super funny. Love you merchandise and DP stuff on the website, i'm from ON Canada and was hoping to order but was a little disappointed that the old merch and shirts weren't on the website, was hoping to buy the old DP wind breaker that Ty and Gar were wearing in the early OT's. Everyday I watch you guys when i get home from school, and i watch you all the time and its hallarious. hope you bring back the old merch!

    Congragulations on 60 MILLION subs!

  10. Also the black, gold and black camo tee is awesome

  11. Whats next, mountain survival? Desert survival?

  12. i love the survival game videos, they are AMAZING

  13. how dare you get rid of your team mate red sand ; O

  14. Sparky sucks lool. Feel bad for Ty and Garret

  15. Body armour had to do something. There losing a lot of sales to prime

  16. I Used to like your Videos but lately you have become parody of your own self.

    You guys used to be Authentic and now it seems like you are Acting.

    Make videos like you used to don't make Short Films.

    Your competition used to feel Real like you are fighting to win.

    I am A Real Fan of your and I want OLD YOU back ❤.

  17. y cant tt and cj ever be on the same team

  18. They definitely all slept in the house every night

  19. I know there is 2k plus comments on this video but I jusy realized today that I have the same birthday as the twins! As it is soon approaching, happy birthday guys!

  20. Watching at 2:45 AM on July 4th holding my two day old first child (a boy) while my wife sleeps

  21. Expected more for the finale…that was some weak tea

  22. the betrayal by Garrett was the reason he lost

  23. bring back all sports golf battle😭😭😭😭

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