ImDontai Reacts To MrBeast 7 Days Stranded At Sea

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  1. Ive been watching Dontai for 4+ Years, one thing I learned is that do not read or listen to chat. They are the biggest dick riders in all of human kind.

  2. I liked Kris and his humour since I started watching Mr Beast. However, I end up feeling disappointed in Kris even tho we never met and he doesn't care but its just that I was a fan of him. I dont like him now but I don't hate either. Its all good.

  3. The bird was fr chillin, also my name is bryan as well and ngl if i was the bird i prolly wouldve done the same thing. he was just chillin frfr

  4. I dont hate trans people, I just dislike their ways because they just say there trans 24/7 and annoying plus im a man of god, Gay is a sin, I dont like sins.

  5. Dontai after realising people have opinions other than his: 😨😱

  6. Dontai’s take on Chris was a Rare Dontai L. Only time I haven’t respected an opinion of his. His point was hypocritical because he talks about people and there lives all day, but as soon as Chris changed gender, it’s like he’s off limits now

  7. “Sweaty men” you alr know Chris died inside when he said that💀

  8. 95% of the dudes saying “L Chris” dont know half the shyt Chris knew how to do in this video.

  9. Y'all really think everything that has to do with transphobia, racism, homophobia, p3dophila, incest, xenophobia is funny and it's not. That's why nobody is taking yall seriously .

  10. so dontai used to be funny and didnt give a fuck what people said now hes defending someone that he would use to make fun of LMAOOOOOOOOO

  11. ImDontai is a snowflake. He is about of the problem in America everyone wanna be a victim now

  12. Y’all just gone let donte hit that note at the end with no recognition

  13. Ive been watching mrbeast since 2017 and seeing chris change did affect the way i watched mrbeast new videos, But it grew on me seeing how much more happy and alive he looks compared to the older videos. People just need to grow up and let other live their lifes.

  14. Yeah I bet he spent all them days there 🤦‍♂️ gullible ppl.

  15. I respect Dontai for being chill about the Kris situation. But my god can we not get through one Mr. Beast video without that being 90% of the commentary?

  16. U can live ur life but u can’t change ur gender, it’s science. Do you but I’m not changing the way I speak they them pronouns. Ur an it too me if u do this Chris stuff. Poor son

  17. if mr beast got me a house i wouldn’t even think twice about something like that

  18. Why is your roof flat and not slanted 😢

  19. cancel that jellyfish its transphobic-twitter 2023

  20. 23:33 bruh forgot he got a "Trans Fag" with them so he "had" to say the boys and one girl and I

  21. Why are the waves not waving. Like you know during the storms those are the calmest waters during a storm

  22. clicked off cause dontai was supporting chris, massive L

  23. Ain't if you get jump we won't support your dumb ass he left his wife and kind bro that's a horrible person no matter if we now them or not

  24. Chats' so obsessed with Kris that I'm beginning to question if they're really as straight as they claim to be. They literally wouldn't actually care if he and his wife separated for any other reason.

  25. Dontai clearly don’t know i’m a D1 hater bro.

  26. i don’t even hate Kris for being trans but it just happened outta nowhere

  27. Ik the ocean wasn’t the only fish they was smelling.

  28. 10:20 he probably “faked” or more “edited” the night time shot, because even though he has high res cameras, it’s hard to get a “good looking” night time shot from that far POV. That’s my guess. I don’t think the whole video is fake lol.

  29. The look flight gave was Ni** would never lmao 😂😂

  30. 9:16 igh lil bro we do not care move on already golly aint no one gonna cancel you or nothing quit glazing Chirs, danm

  31. Weird dontai chat talking shit about chris the moment the video started, just spamming hatred just get the fk off no? 💀 Y'all got a life?? Is this that important?? And and 😂😂 mrbeast views droppped? 😂😂😂😂😂 I dont think so honestly. Stop being weird i dont like the way he transitioned but am not being weird live your own Life lmao

  32. The effect was not only on him his children too that’s why I can’t say i dfc

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