I speedran Raft Wars. It caused a worldwide battle.

Join me next time where Simon single-handedly tackles the British Empire


This is the long awaited video where I speedrun one of my favorite flash games, Raft Wars. I’ve gone for the world record in other games before like Duck Life and Cooties, but now I think I really have a shot at the title. WATCH IN AWE AT MY SPEEDRUNNING ABILITIES!!

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  1. Like & Subscribe for Simon to form a totalitarian regime (or if I should play more flash games)

  2. Another certified hood classic from the man Shyntos. Great vid!

  3. This game is almost as classic as the man Shyntos himself.

  4. Rafael is best Rafael is best you know says:

    Sadly they took it of cool math

  5. I just found you today, this channel is already amazing

  6. Another great video! It's cool to see that your speed running flash game vids are getting more attention, like all you vids should be. Also, you're so close to 2k subs!

  7. I am so glad I found your channel!
    Your content is god tier👌

    I am subbing and I am looking forward to seeing more
    great content from you 👍

    Can't wait until you get 1 million subs 😂

  8. You should play the sequel too ! Great video btw!

  9. Why aren’t you posting much im sad that your not posting as much

  10. I really enjoyed this video! Of course the speed run itself could have been better, but you made the video enjoyable to watch with your commentary and editing. Nice to see I was also featured in this video, and glad that Raft Wars speed runs are still a thing, since this game was a big part of my childhood. Keep up the good work man! 🙂

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