I SPEEDRAN Age Of War 1-2 In 10 Minutes…

I SPEEDRAN Age Of War 1-2 In 10 Minutes…

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  1. bad thing they didn't listen to the song

  2. Your videos are amazing 😮❤😊!!!!!

  3. socks, its not spearton ITS SPARTAN!!!!

  4. I play this in school it’s the goat I’m the best in my class last year

  5. me when i upgrade dinosaur me:*got maus tank from upgrading my dinosaur

  6. you should max out support range and damage and it is insane

  7. I approve of blaza saying “THE POWER OF CHRIST”

  8. love how it goes from the monestary era to just modern day military

  9. With The Power Of Christ. Got Me Laughing

  10. Pov: your Christen but your friends who ant christen are more christen

  11. btw do you know how to beat age of war 2 in easy mobile just buy the dino hut and spam him

  12. I like sock2 became cool game i like and some games are bad for me

  13. you can play age of war for free in [poki]

  14. If the AI sends meteors then just summon more units because if you use the ability then it lowers your meter

  15. HOW can you Play This Game ??? i Cant Play This Game Anymore Because the Adobe Flash Player Doesnt Work With Windows Anymore' so ☹

  16. You did age of war 1-2, but what about age of war 3? Also called army of ages

  17. You fool Your not buy unit ☝️😑

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