I Hosted the BIGGEST EVER TRENCH WAR in a Private Roblox Entrenched Server

Plastic Scot
This was the MOST INSANE Roblox Trench System I have ever seen… 30 roblox players had 2 hours to build this WW1 Trench Network and you will not believe how big it was?!

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So I have been playing a lot of roblox war games.. but ever more specifically, the best roblox ww1 games like roblox entrenched, roblox trench war and even a little bit of roblox shell shock on the side. I have seen some people ask for roblox trenches beta, but i am not sure its my kinda thing. I like my roblox war simulators to be a bit more authentic. That’s why entrenched roblox and also trench war roblox gameplay seem to stand out the most to me. These roblox games allow you to dig your own trench system and build your own trench network. The end result is a ww1 roblox game that just seems a bit more realistic.

Apparently there is a new roblox entrenched update coming out soon, but until that happens you can count on the scots army and the scots guard to plan giant roblox trench wars and roblox trench battle simulations using what few mechanics we have available to us! In this video, we have the scots guards playing as the triple entente. They will be facing down the scots army who are playing as the central powers. The guards have made a giant super fortress and the army will have to siege the fort to get in. The defence strategy in this massive ww1 fort is strong though.. so can they get in?

ENTRENCHED is a game loosely based on World War 1. The Entente Powers and the Central Powers face off in turn-based attack and defense, you must coordinate with your team in the trenches to achieve victory!
🛠️ ALPHA a0.8
New Entente Powers nation Russia with a new gamemode, 4 new maps, 9 new weapons and 2 new uniforms!
Full changelog can be found in the server.
Supports PC 🖥️, Console 🎮 and Mobile 📱
Tags: Warfare, Great War, WW1, WWI, Edot

Title 1: I Hosted the BIGGEST EVER TRENCH WAR in a Private Roblox Entrenched Server

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  1. Hey Scot, can I help you with the weapons one time? (my main account is @OVERFILL911)

  2. If this strategy been try in real live
    Enemy be like:holly hell that defense is going to cause more than 1000 deaths 😢😢😢

  3. Hmm I Suggest that the British Division will be the only one to Build a Fortifications in the Roblox Entrenched Warfare against the Belgians and Germans in the War. And also The Scottish division in Britain side will be there, That was my suggestion – Juliusfaeldonia(Private) From Scot's army in discoard.

  4. how do you even turn on the Cinematic Camera?

  5. If you ever wondered why people shifted from forts with round towers to bastion forts then this is a good explanation why

  6. We’ll just wasted 11 minutes of my life

  7. I love the German artillery batteries, and the command trench in the back, love these videos Daley ❤

  8. That’s what happened when u don’t know how to defend effectively

  9. they should had only kept attack to have artillary later. it pretty much made them win instally

  10. Y'all, it was made of dirt. The artillery shredded it

  11. theres a roblox game called gridlock you and your fans would like

  12. You also gave the builders no chanche to defend, 100 players is a lot plus machine gun pozition can be eazily sniped

  13. This is my dream,just a game where I can build and test my forts.I hope I’ll get to join next game!

  14. i don't know what happens to the defenders losses the combat, but i guess is that players are a just a bunch of dudes with no discipline having fun and goind wild and so there many flaws on defense by soldiers and bullets, that what i guess.

  15. That is why you do not let a kid handle the defence plan..

  16. Only Roblox players could fumble that easy win

  17. This video:I Hosted the BIGGEST EVER TRENCH WAR in a Private Roblox Entrenched Server
    Last video:I Hosted the BIGGEST EVER TRENCH WAR in a Private Roblox Entrenched Server
    next video:I Hosted the BIGGEST EVER TRENCH WAR in a Private Roblox Entrenched Server

  18. That was just plain fun to watch. ☺👏

  19. Make another video like this with the same team that formed the Russians

  20. They should rename this game into the "Dig&diggers" xD

  21. Why do It on roblox if You can do it in real life

  22. there is a great medival war game called field of battle, a bit of magic intertwined but its really fun, (on roblox obviously)

  23. Hey scot, i play this game often too and i was wondering if it was possible for me to joing these types of events?

  24. Whoever gave the idea to destroy the wires is a genius.

  25. Imagine how many times they replaced fortifications because someone left or crashed

  26. Imagine fighting and dying in ww1 just for a bunch of zoomers to recreate it for fun in a children's video game.

  27. in siege warfare you dont just have ONE Alast base but multiple fortifications,room for movement,for repair and what not
    siege warfare is brutal

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