I decided to speedrun Raft Wars 2 and experienced severe physiological pain

Speedrunning Raft Wars 2 means that we get to experience even more RNG, and sometimes it can cause some trauma. Luckily, this was another flash game speedrun that we could complete, and even get a pretty good time for.

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Edited by: @The Suited Bird
Watch the any% world record speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. Get. Out. This is me and my brothers whole childhood

  2. Fun fact whales actually exolode

  3. You're just a high school kid working as a mascot for low wages. Your boss comes in and throws you a RPG and says it's time.

    Reluctantly and yet ready, you go to try and murder two teenagers.

  4. Ultimate Raptor Of Greatness and Fertility says:

    This run is cursed

  5. Ah man the nostalgia when i cant beat the tribalmen with explosive bow

  6. This used to be the game to play on school computers

  7. I played that game when i was child whit my dad…thanks for bringing my childhood back

  8. Raft wars speedrun with no upgrades or explosives please

  9. Already did this on the first one, and that was a no fail no damage run. It was absolutely infuriating.

  10. I remember this game from kindergarten the 7th and 8th graders were playing it

  11. You shouldn’t go anywhere near any dead whales you find.
    The decomposition gasses make them one big, gross explosion waiting to happen.

  12. Fun fact: whales actually do explode after they die

  13. I remember playing this game all the time with my brother when I was younger man

  14. That run was 2 years ago and he decided to upload it this year 🤦‍♂️ you already got beaten bud

  15. 5:47 I checked twice and hey, I couldn't possible have been just imagining that roblox like "oof" at that point. (Yes, I know he could've just edited in that Sound Effect but idk)

  16. U have all of my childhood games that I forgot thanks for reminding me bout them

  17. actually, whale corpses actually explode irl

  18. Got this in my recomended and jesus christ did nostalgia hit me hard.

  19. being honest that game is better than some recent games

  20. HEY! I played this game when i was young!

  21. I remember playing this in school years ago… used to be one of my favorites

  22. Anyone knows where the old version of Raft Wars he is playing is ?

  23. When I faced against octo mom, I kept losing and was very salty abt it. I finally got only 1 person left and he was at the back. I started to miss on purpose (I was angry) when he hit me. I was completey crushed but that's karma for u

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