I can’t believe this is an Xbox!!

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  1. That is one of the reasons why Xbox is the Bestbox.

  2. My dumbass thought the "WW84" one world war 84😭😭

  3. Imagine if the actual farcry 6 game was as good as that console 😂

  4. Anyone have the Sonic Xbox? Really want it

  5. Yeah well nobody really liked the Wonder Woman movie either

  6. The Godzilla Xbox didn't make the list?

  7. 5 dollar budget? Man that is a good price to play sea of thieves

  8. Guess what? I got the Forza horizon 3 edition Xbox😎🤩

  9. You forgot bluey xbox also have bluey the video game

  10. Bro I want to play Xbox but I don't have a controller so I can't play so you can give me one please

  11. I like how he swears that the audi r8 xbox is legit when it’s not 😂. It was a promo video, and there isn’t any other video of this console, and it was a concept, not a real physical console.

  12. Not wonder women 1984 it's world war 84

  13. I'm lowkey used to you buying everything 😂

  14. Imagine they break (you technically aren't allowed to fix xbox yourself and company will only fix it if it's a minor thing, usually they'll just tell you to buy a new one if your insurance expired, if it didn't then they'll just give you a brand new one and probably fire someone from the factory because they made a fuck up, you could technically try to switch the cases but idk if the "guts" aren't different to fill the case fully instead of leaving empty spaces which will get damaged pretty quickly making the case look like you threw it instead of your controller in a fit of rage, and if you think you can switch the hardware for better one, you'd be wrong because unapproved xbox hardware can get you a console ban)

  15. I own all of these consoles have to say my favorite out of all the consoles I own in my entire collection is probably going to be the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 2 can't beat those consoles

  16. Can’t believe he forgot the Bluey Xbox, unless it wasn’t released at the time this short was released

  17. If the far cry xbox's Design would help actually cooling it it would be awesome 😎💚

  18. The xbox that looks like a 5 dollar budget, dude if i got that shit in my house and got robbed nobody taking that xbox, who tf would steel a box of scraps? So yeah i would DEFINITELY want that

  19. -So u do acrobatics
    -Can u do a trick?
    -Yeah sure!
    The trick:

  20. The only thing I noticed first is the music! I swear I heard this song before, but I don't remember its name!

  21. If you could have just one of these, which would it be?

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