How My Trolling Got Someone Else Permanently Banned – Gmod Star Wars RP

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Gmod or Garry’s Mod is a game full of angry children and admin’s abusing their power. It’s not hard to find salty people in Gmod who will do anything to get you banned. Star Wars RP is the main gamemode PixelCat plays, but there’s plenty of other servers like DarkRP, Harry Potter RP, Halo RP, Border RP, and much much more. Garry is working on a game called S&box which is a sequel to Gmod.


  1. Yooo man i just see this i'm the shock who arested you, mb bro you're a chill dude

  2. Astolfo Rp 😩 miss that server but got banned for using detonators on doors to get on bridge 😂

  3. o. Cali, is that you ghost of Michael Jackson?

  4. Pixel. Cat. Gamer…. I fucking MISS you dude.. get at me sir.. I want to catch up

  5. U should play on eclipse hosting’s servers

  6. damn, watched this video after 7sec after relise

  7. New mission target d-16 and swarm with a rebel alliance

  8. I was on this server and JUST missed you dammit

  9. hey dude im the dude on ground command.Also the dude at 2:43 saying "love reza calling jedi "Jabbah" ". Also yeah i was better than you cause i was ontop of the stairs

  10. It’s Lidl the British guy I have a plan tell me your discord

  11. "british isnt a race you stupid brit" im dead xD

  12. Haven’t been here for years curious if you still uploaded and you do and not to shocked you have a great channel and community and loved your channel as a kid and do as a teen getting me through depression like you used to love you man ima start watching your vids again and then watch the older ones I love you, you will always have a place in my heart

  13. i knew it was you, that it weren't the crisps. its on site for DT-16 justice for pixel and lidl

  14. "British is not a race…. you stupid brit!" had me dead almost needed a new keyboard.

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