How Hearing Works 🤨

Zack D. Films


  1. never knew i hear cause of a hammer and a snail

  2. It's called the cochlea pronounced cock-lea 😊

  3. I don't believe that we have a hammer and a snail shell like things 💀

  4. Astonishing…facts….how it interpreted by brain…wow..unbelievable..

  5. Your better at teaching than my teacherr😭💀😂

  6. the snail inside of my ear telling me to pull the trigger be like

  7. Oh now it makes sense ooooohhhh now it makes more sense


  9. God made our bodies sooo amazing Wowww and humans are amazing as well for learning these awesome things ❤😂😊🎉

  10. That's why it feels good when I put something on my ear that vibrates

  11. For Anyone wondering its called the cornea

  12. I pulled a snail shaped thing out of my right ear once, am I gud chat?

  13. A portable and organic stereo system on the go, with motion detection and axis control, even has a dedicated sound card in the head to turn these vibrations into electrical waves.

  14. Tell us how it hurts when we hear loud sounds

  15. Me Hearing Sound In The Video: I Think It's Working! I THINK IT'S WORKING!

  16. Now, this implies your body isnt so hopelessly defective that the fluid chamber floods every other month.

  17. it took our teacher 3 months to explain this
    school really sucks 💀

  18. 🌳_ 🏃🏻‍♂️_🚶🏼‍♀️_🌲
    / 🚘 / 🚘 🌳 🚦


  19. Snail like thing is called the cochlea

  20. how can god not be real bro genuinely this video i incredible and so is the human body

  21. I wonder how perfect pitch works in the ear drum

  22. So does this mean im hearing from the top of my head?

  23. a man:-" i feel something moving"

    The twerking bone:-

  24. Bro just traumatised my school and deleted my last braincell

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