How Democrats could replace ‘remarkably poor’ and ‘incoherent’ Joe Biden

The Sun
Bumbling Joe Biden could face a Nixon-style ultimatum from top Democrats after his disastrous debate with Donald Trump.

The US president, 81, staggered and stumbled through the first 90-minute official debate of the 2024 election cycle.

During the showdown, Biden and Trump, 78, clashed over a raft of issues – from immigration, abortion and January 6 to the economy, the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and the environment.

But a hoarse Biden stumbled less than 10 minutes into the debate – losing his train of thought and appearing to freeze on stage.

Questions have long swirled about Biden’s fitness for office following a string of gaffs, blunders, and episodes where critics said he looked frail.

And voters have repeatedly questioned whether the 81-year-old can manage another four years in office.

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  1. People acting shocked at Biden's performance, He`s been like this for the last 4 years …… But people have just ignored it ……

  2. This was all part of their plan. I've been saying this would happen since day 1.
    You actually think Dems were planning on keeping Joe as their candidate???

  3. If you're on a battle ship or submarine and you get a hole in it, you don't abandoned ship, you patch it up and move on. Biden was fine. He has allergies. Voting for Joe Biden. He's done America right.

  4. Establishment front man
    You're watching a movie 🍿🍿🍿🍿

  5. the world needs todaythe USA as a leader led by a young, energetic and strong president, I appeal to the American elites, come to your senses !!!

  6. embarrassing ass country if these two are your candidates. A criminal or a criminal lmfao

  7. If this is the best the Democratic party can produce then this is very worrying

  8. Like the Dictator that he wants to be, Trump happily charged into the debate by telling lies with a straight face. The rules of a debate end there. Biden was not ready for lie after lie from is opponent during a debate. Think about this: The most experienced Ambassador would have problems responding to so many lies from a leader of a terrorist State and request time to prepare for another meeting.

  9. Just remember….Joe beat Medicare, so he's a great man. Geez!

  10. So the US booming economy and stock market with record breaking new jobs, all of which are actually lifting the economies around the world and the strengthening of NATO and the European Countries coming together with the US to defeat Putin's invasion on Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, mean nothing because Biden was the honest man in a debate against a life-long con man and business loser?

  11. If Joe stays the Democrats will lose everything. If Joe loves his Country and Democratic principles, he should step aside, sooner rather than later!

  12. His cabinet will not turn against him and ask him to step aside, obviously they would no longer have a job if they done that and there is a small chance he wins and they get 4 more years in the Whitehouse. I think they will gamble and go for it, I just don’t see him stepping aside

  13. Lord help us, Michael Obama, Hillary are Not a good pick. Neither is Newsome, Harris

  14. The thing is replacing Joe wont change the fact that the democrat nearly destroyed the US in 4 years, we need Trump back in office as quickly as possible, these immigration policies are what can kill a nation you just have to look at how most suburbs look in the western nations like france or england, there is nothing more important than closing the borders

  15. i like Joe, but he couldn't land a punch against Trump's tsunamis of lies. One of the saddest worst debate performances in recent memory.

  16. By the way he is a good leader 😆😆😆

  17. Trump is happy with Putin and encourages him to invade Europe. If this same Trump had been president of America during Hitler's war, he would have encouraged him in his invasion of Europe, and many of the current European countries would not exist. This Trump is a reckless person who does not pay the slightest attention to America's allies and its strategic interests. He must understand that America is not a company or a grocery store managed by whims, but rather a superpower with international allies and interests. I do urge the people of the United States not to elect him so that he does not lead them into the unknown. Vote for Biden, a balanced, respected and profound man with long experience.

  18. Biden knows enough to blackmail the DNC for the nomination. He's that low-down.

  19. Hey Dude it will not happen we are voting for his policies not a good or bad results in this debate or coming debate we are aware of his stammering since childhood but folks it didn’t hinder him to be successful. That’s a good example for those people who has the same problem like him you can still be a president if you work hard. Wish President Biden luck in all his endeavors.❤

  20. Biden is demented and this is the guy that carries the Nuclear Codes with him. The fact is, he is not in control, only his handlers are making the decisions. The economy, inflation, illegals crossing the border, Isis recruits, according to the FBI have crossed, into the US, this is at the crux of this election. You also have to mention the possibility of an Israel-Hezbollah and Ukraine war pushing the US and NATO into a confrontation with Russia and Iran. So ask yourself, do I want a President that is senile and cannot make a rational decision as the leader of the free world? I don't have an answer.

  21. It was painfully embarrassing to even watch 😮

  22. Short of death or coma, I don't see them replacing him.

    Even so, he seems to be going downhill very fast. He seemed fairly coherent during the state of the union just a few months ago.

    I'm very concerned that a man in such apparent decline is in charge of anything.

  23. Do they drug test the candidates? I mean I know Biden refused to do the required annual cognitive ability tests, so doubt he would comply with any other sort of testing. Wouldn’t put performance enhancing drugs past that lot though. Imagine if this was Biden ON these drugs 🤦🏼‍♀️

  24. Poor Joe all he's life he has suffered with a bad stutter but for he's age he has still got it and most of all he is telling the truth. Unlike Trump you can tell that Trump us lying vi's you can see he's mouth move 😂😅😊

  25. I'm afraid he might suddenly and mysteriously die of an accident… 😳

  26. It is ridiculous…. a broom handle could beat either of these two in a race for the Presidency. Biden is the least weird and dangerous though. So he would still get my vote over Trumpton.

  27. Democrats love democracy that much they will drag this job rot from power and put another puppet jokes

  28. If Trump is the best the Republicans have to offer, the Republican Party is doomed.

  29. That’s not a human being at best AI., Bin Biden

  30. He’s older yes. Joe Biden has a good heart. Trump is a pathological liar and narcissist. Trump probably is responsible for the death of a few. Trump loves short cuts. Like who needs the constitution. But choosing Trump will also cause more division and no progress in Washington. Who would Trump have in his administration? Trump has lost the support of anyone in his prior administration.Trump was the blame for delaying aide to Ukraine with increased casualties and loss of land.

  31. He wasn’t much different last time was he in 2020/21

  32. People who vote for grandpa Joe don’t want him to win. Their voting for him because they want king trump to loose 😂😂

  33. Giving lessons that he can't speak fluently, while you are not doing better with all the heuuu heuuu, loool.

  34. What a load of guff…..gaslighting about the gaslighting. He was a stiff from the beginning!!!

  35. The Democratic Party wanted a court so they could consolidate all that power. They even bring out their old Kings to campaign. The result they ended up with this old King! Oh I hope they keep this old King in power until he is 86. What will they do next. Kamala is simply a courtier! Maybe they will run a wife of an old King again! Don’t forget everyone their media, their intellectuals and especially the Democratic Party voters are smarter and more progressive than you! All Hail Old King Joe!

  36. Nobody is replacing Biden. MAGA GOP should think about the replacing Do Felon Trump. This Don Felon lied over 100 times in 90 minutes and did not have vision or know what he was talking about.

  37. Two people struggeling with dementia. This was painfull to watch

  38. Obama, DOJ, FBI, CIA all combining since 2016 to stop the best President the USA has ever had, TRUMP. So sorry for all the people who swallow all the lies about him so easily. Trump is a truly wonderful person whereas crooked Joe has had 4 years of trying to destroy USA and has done a very good job of it. Obama needs another 4 years to finish the job completely so all you unintelligent lefties keep believing your lies.

  39. You guys are so stupid. How is someone supposed to debate trump while lies fall out of his ass like diarrhea? CNN should be ashamed that they did not fact check anything trump said and just gave him a platform to lie to the country and world. Not one truth came out of his mouth. People critisize Biden but say NOTHING about the lies trump told. I guess everybody is so used to trumps compulsive lying that its ok. When trump becomes America's very first dictator I hope you will be happy. You know if he becomes dictator and you guys say one thing bad about him he will have you sued and closed down so fast you won't know what happened. I will be laughing.

  40. Michael Obama is not a popular man. Who is this idiot?

  41. Another puppet will take joes spot

  42. The reason for the defeat was a lack of ice cream.

  43. The domocratic spin now, is that he was over loaded with data points and talking points as well as things to memorize. I bet making it out that your candidate is too old and frail is gonna work really wll.

    Its been two days and i bet they are attempting to spin their way out or hope that with enough time passed, people will forget. Not gonna happen. While the public does indeed have a short term memory, they wont forget that interview.

    Thank you Mr. Biden, for your service, but its time for you to go. If you dont Trump just might win. Do you want him to win? No? Ok. Then move aside. Kamala can take the reigns of the horses and lead the charge. She is capable.

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