History and Origin of Marvel Comics’ MISTER FEAR!

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Mr. Fear is a mantle worn by multiple people in the Marvel Comics Universe, using it to battle Spider-man, Daredevil, Avengers, Nick Fury and to join The Thunderbolts, U-Foes and his own Fellowship of Fear … This is Mister Fear!

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  1. I love Mr Fear he's my third favorite just below fisk and bullseye. I love gladiator too

  2. My top 10 Daredevil villains of all time are1. The Kingpin2. Bullseye3. Typhoid Mary4. The Hand 5. Mr. Fear6. The Owl 7. Gladiator8. The Purple Man9. The Matador10. Ikari

  3. …looks like (Udon) Taskmaster's mask

  4. He's the perfect villain to introduce and Daredevil born again

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  6. I was kinda expecting Dracula or Marvel’s Scarecrow, but this is a great surprise.

  7. Mr. Fear is one of those villains you love to hate. At least, to me.
    After what he did to Milla Donovan, I thoroughly hate the character.

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