Hero Wars — The Call of Darkness, Keros Release Event

Misty Kathrine
Keros has now just been released in Hero Wars as part of the Call of Darkness event. He is the 13th titan in Hero Wars and the Dark Titans.

Clash of Worlds is Now Live!

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  1. They give out the soul stones to lvl the new titan up like crazy, I spent 1900 diamonds and have a lvl 83 4 star titan already. BUT they got you screwed with the artifacts unless you have endless spheres to open up. Be a useless titan for sometime unless you are going to spend a bunch of money.

  2. Hi Misty! Just a quick question, how many Titan Artifact Spheres do I need to open to get a totem guaranteed? Since I don’t have the emeralds.

  3. i opened a lot of dolls i got a very large amount of titan skin stones

  4. when i opened the dolls i only got 7 Keros soul stones

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