Hands-on: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Studio 2 Plus

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Microsoft is launching a single Surface Pro 9 lineup for 2022. It marks the blending of Surface Pro X and Surface Pro, as you can now pick between Intel or Arm. We also got a look at the Surface Studio 2 Plus model which upgrades both the CPU and GPU inside. Plus, The Surface Laptop 5 arrives with Thunderbolt 4 but no AMD options.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Surface Pro 9
2:58 Surface Laptop 5
4:04 Surface Studio 2 Plus
5:05 Surface gaming PC?
5:45 10 years of the Surface line
7:41 Price and availability

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  1. Bedo Hamza - back trend to the future says:

    Best device I ever used is the SurfacePro. Lean in and lean back. Love it.

  2. having no redesign is a bit disappointing especially surface studio.

  3. I am still rocking a Surface Pro 4. Still kicking, but considering an upgrade.

  4. Trust me, there should be at best around 10 people want 11th Intel CPU in a $4300+ machine. You are way out of your mind, Microsoft!

  5. Sigh…I'm not excited about the new surface products

  6. Microsoft’s designers are getting a tad bit out of hand with the fashion design… for hardware first the alcantara suede …Now Liberty fabrics

  7. The one product still missing is a consumer Surface Studio. Something smaller, wth more standar internals and a normal screen and way WAAAAAAY cheaper. Keep the hinge though.

  8. 11th gen on Studio Plus 2…no bueno at those prices

  9. Refusing to commit purely to SQ3 in Surface 9 shows Microsoft doesn't care.

    No ARM Surface Go, either, which is the lowest hanging fruit.

    I hate that they're all aluminum now, too, instead of magnesium.

  10. Mode switching: leaning to back to leaning in. Love it.

  11. 11th gen on the Surface Studio is a huge disappointment. 12 gen has been around nearly a year.

  12. The base config has a 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM… Come on M$ it's 2022 and not 2012.

  13. Surface Studio, same old design, Major price increase to over $4000, and last Gen Intel Chip. 😬 I think that’s going to be a fail of a product.

  14. can you speak more about speks???useless video

  15. I hope Tom does an in depth review of the SP9 5G. He's clearly the Verge's Microsoft expert and does a fantastic job (especially on the Vergecast where the depth of his knowledge of the company and its strategy really shines).

  16. At the video end credits, it took me a lot of leaning in towards my screen to be able to read which one's the director, speaker etc. I don't want to be rude and call it names, but it's such an amateur work to not consider readability via contrast, one of the basic tenets of design. Such a poor work. From the people who designed it, to the ones who approved it, all of them need to attend a design course for them to learn that design isn't just different colors and fonts. Absolute shitshow from a supposed professional tech news company.

  17. Wanting over $4000 for a device running several year old parts is very funny to me

  18. Anyone else notice the silver one on the bottom "min 3:01 the hinge is broken in the presentation?"

  19. I don't care how big the screen is. Microsoft put an old I7-11 processor and old rtx 3060 gpu in a new product that has 4000 dollar price tag. Here I sit with my aging microsoft studio 2, I7-11, rtx 3050ti with a 1400 dollar price tag. Huge rip off! Here I was hoping they would make another studio laptop like mine with upgraded processor and gpu performance. Studio 2 plus is a crime!

  20. The Surface Laptop 5 with Thunderbolt 4 can kind of be considered a gaming laptop though? Just plug an eGPU on it and game!

  21. New Surface Products? More like, overpriced redesigned products.

  22. The presentation and delivery of words so scary to me, like cracking a ghost story. Anyone with me..?

  23. Hope to get Surface Pro 9…but don't know if 5g or not. Will win11 definitely bright on arm finally?

  24. Microsoft always behind with huge profit

    Using last gen hardwares as new

    Their new 4500 studio 2 plus uses 11th gen lol

  25. Its still wraker than mac tho.. Im just upset why Microsoft can't push through boundaries…. they should make a surface thats an all arounder that can match the Macbook Pro power

  26. I love my surface laptop 4. The 15” is the perfect size

  27. The design of the Surface Pro is getting pretty stale now.

  28. 6:36 Even Microsoft doesn't use windows to make devices that run windows

  29. Seeing Panay getting old makes me feel old. Watching him since the windows Phone time

  30. 12th Gen Intel days before 13th Gen is about to launch.


  31. Microsoft Surface : The Disappointment line

  32. 7:34 He still believes on the vision of Microsoft Surface. But it doesn't have the same energy and ring about it, unlike before

  33. Why do you want gaming surface laptop? This is not apple, we have choice beyond the garden. Why wait for microsoft? What do you get more from Microsoft if they make one?

  34. Do both the Intel and SQ3 versions of SP9 have adaptive display refresh rates beyond the 60/120 Hz type?

  35. Surface laptop has had the same design since 2017. FIVE YEARS! Even Apple updates their laptops designs faster

  36. Given that price tag, the spec of surface studio 2+ is such a joke my friend. How is it targeted as a productive device in late 2022?

  37. The problem is that all of these run Windows, obviously. I think software is a much bigger issue for Microsoft than hardware. The hardware has been generally good. The software needs a major overhaul to make it more intuitive, reliable, and long lasting.

  38. Dissapointed no AMD chips in the SP or Studio.

  39. Interesting, there seems to be a Surface Laptop Studio without the stacked design at 1:01. I wonder if that’s an early prototype for v1 or if the next iteration of the Surface Laptop Studio will do away with the stacked design

  40. No Surface Book 4. The Surface Studio replaced the Book 3 and it's awful. Boooo

  41. its quite disappointing. Novelty is long gone. I have an old surface pro, which I love, but I don't see any reason why I should upgrade.

  42. The only major difference from Pro X is 120hz instead of 60hz

  43. Funny that Apple mocked the Surface. A decade later, and even they still don't offer a desktop-class system with pen input. I just ordered a Surface Pro 9 to replace my Pro 2, which I'm still using for work in a pinch when away from the office. Apple had the creative market to itself, but surrendered their dominance by focusing on gadgets. Don't get me wrong, they make nice systems and devices, but it's crazy that they don't see the value and utility in a Surface Pro type device. It's a near perfect, all in one, mobile content creation system.

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