Hands-on: Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Studio 2 Plus

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Microsoft is launching a single Surface Pro 9 lineup for 2022. It marks the blending of Surface Pro X and Surface Pro, as you can now pick between Intel or Arm. We also got a look at the Surface Studio 2 Plus model which upgrades both the CPU and GPU inside. Plus, The Surface Laptop 5 arrives with Thunderbolt 4 but no AMD options.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Surface Pro 9
2:58 Surface Laptop 5
4:04 Surface Studio 2 Plus
5:05 Surface gaming PC?
5:45 10 years of the Surface line
7:41 Price and availability

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  1. Surface 5 was big let down. I waited 1 year and this came out . Well better next year.

  2. I can't understand why Surface Laptop 5 has a worse screen and camera than Surface Pro 9. And compared with Lenovo X1 Carbon at similar price, they provide i7-1280p and a 4k screen.

  3. RIP to all the Surface Studio Laptop users.

  4. If mashed potatoes became a man, it would be Panos Panay.

  5. i love surface products. but some reason i feel like they always fall short especially when considering the price.

  6. Would really love to have AMD APUs in the surface pro one day.

  7. Basically, a bunch of outdated and dated hardware. 15-inch laptop without an HDMI and an SD card, and no NVIDIA GPU? Too bad for the design, but what you get for the asking price is ridiculous.

  8. Gotta love every company always show u the nice design room they got when in reality

    All on an assembly line, crowded

  9. Man that Surface Laptop is in big needs of a design update. Especially the display. Those bezels are not acceptable anymore in late 2022

  10. I was really looking forward to the surface go 4 or surface laptop studio 2. Dame this event was such a letdown. Another year of skipping Microsoft product. 💯💯💯

  11. Why would Microsoft want to make hardware capable of running games that aren't Xbox Game Pass?

  12. Finally Thunderbolt!!! I hope it’s gen 4 😀

  13. I dont think first world country with 5g supported doesnt need a 'gaming' laptop anymore. There are xcloud, stadia and geforce now.

  14. wait… still no thunderbolt in the surface pro 9?

  15. I have a Surface Pro 6 and I replaced it with a Galaxy Tab S8. The Surface Pro 6 I have would only last 3-4 hours just browsing the web and watching YouTube even in power saver mode with the screen brightness turned all the way down.

  16. went to school with surface pro 3. it was light and functional. If my company allows me to pick what laptop to pick. I'd pick the surface line again.

  17. Surface laptop again 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I do prefer the iPad mini

  18. The CPO of microsoft sounds like he's depressed 😂

  19. The more I use Windows, the more I like Mac computers!

  20. My surface laptop 2 looks exactly like the surface laptop 5 beside the thunderbolt port. If I were to upgrade I would go for Asus G14 or G15. It's only a few hundred more.

  21. Microsoft should firer that product development manager. He has so many opportunities to push harder for high end techs, but he's keep holding back. I am not paying $4000+ for an Intel 11gen, 3600 graphic card, same old old screen computer.

  22. It's not that cohfidefnt. The Surface Pro 9 with 5G is Business only. Not something I've seen reported.

  23. Where's the Surface Laptop on ARM already? Surface Pros aren't for everyone.

  24. I think we are in an era where many technologies have reached their bottleneck so we only see very little incremental upgrades of electronic gadgets each year.

  25. I'd be interested in the Surface Pro 10 with Nuvia SoC, but no cellular please so it can be just $999 like the Intel model

  26. Do you get eGPU support in the surface Pro9?

  27. I have have two Pro, both had screen fails outside warranty sadly and are unrepairable. Good machines otherwise.

  28. Love these products but pricing is one area they need to focus and they need to reach more markets and also bring a product which is affordable ….

  29. I wish they brought some of their innovation and experimentation from their phone no one buys to their other surface products. Just updating chips and exterior colors is extremely underwhelming and uninteresting.

  30. Well Google and Microsoft both seem to be going for evolution rather than revolution with their 2022 lineups, which is no bad thing. As lacklustre as the products may be, i hope Panos sticks around for years to come, hes always so good to watch presenting and in interviews.

  31. haven't seen a surface laptop in my life here in Spain o.O

  32. The truth is with this recent economy Everyone needs more than there salary to be financially stable. The the best thing to do with your money is to lnvest it rightly because money left for saving always end up used with no returns..

  33. I don't know, I feel a little disappointed i kind of was expecting more devices from Microsoft on their 10 year anniversary, may be a new surface phone or wearable something more.

  34. thank you for motivating us. that's a good answer

  35. For a tablet or laptop, the specs which are important for me are as follows, in order of my purchasing desire: screen, screen, sdd, speakers, ports, ram, camera, microphone, chipset. I put screen twice because I want the most beautiful and easiest to watch screen much much more than any other specification.

    Chipset is last because it is nice psychologically to have the most recent chip, but in actuality the games and programs I use on a tablet or laptop can be handled just fine with a chip that came out 3 years ago. It is only the nerds, hard-core gamers and trolls that complain when you don't have the chip that came out last week.

  36. Beware of phanos, he can sell you anything 😊

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