Hammer Of The Gods – The Raw Power Of Earnie Shavers

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Earnie Shavers was without question the hardest puncher in heavyweight history according to litterally everyone he ever laid a hand on. In the golden era of heavyweight boxing Earnie Shavers power was talked about as something a bit beyond human.

Footage Credit:
The Mayweather Channel

Writer Credit:
Zachary Gaskell –


  1. His upper cut was in elevator to GOD!!! Damn 💀💀💀this guy still hasn't gotten in oscar for his narration.

  2. it's time. Think Marciano was hardest hitter and finisher. Foreman a great finisher too. Ernie could knock anyone over.

  3. I wonder how Frazier avoided Ernie Shavers?!? They fought during the same time🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. That right that put Larry down was arguably one of the greatest hits in history. I don’t know how Larry got up but man Earnie had an 10 gauge shotgun with a slug in the shell, Amazing strength! Huge fan and rip mr Shavers

  5. This video didn't do him any justice, you only showed one with him actually winning

  6. Ernie Shavers was very good but I have always preferred Ron Lyle…

  7. Rest in peace to a true masculine warrior, made in battle.

  8. Great video, you should have shown the fight vs Ali, but this was amazing still 👌🏻

  9. Look at the crowd and look at the fighters

  10. Ledgend .ended up married to a girl from Merseyside and stayed here R.I.P. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🌹🙏

  11. Shavers come up sounds like Wilder’s as far as the late start and brute power. If Shavers can get respect for his ability why not Deontay?

  12. Shavers caused Ali's downfall, change my mind

  13. Larry Holmes is criminally underrated and never on anyone's all time list.. He should be

  14. One of my favorite fighter. Great video! Thanks!

  15. 8:18 Had Roy looking like a wine-o with vertigo 🥊💥😖🤪💫🐤🐥 Excellent video 😎😁👍💯

  16. You gotta be tough with a name like Ernie.

  17. Deadly docs much appreciated 👍🏻💪🏻🤜🏻👊🏻

  18. A lot of boxers could hit harder than Shavers : Lewis, Tua, old Foreman, Bowe, Ibabuchi, Sanders, Klitschko's, Fury, Aj, Wilder, Peter, Tyson, Smith, Bruno, Ruddock and peraphs others!

  19. The Race Analyst, PHD (Proving Hate & Degradation) says:

    Was thinking how Ken Norton was killed by boxing…Shavers took years off people. Ken Norton in person looks impossible to hurt…a complete adonis…granite stone in a suit…and Shavers did this to Norton 🙈…the horse-kick analogy has to be true.

  20. the only man that might hit harder than shavers is probably sonny liston, but earnie shavers definitely displayed way more one punch knockouts throw out his career.

  21. Okay the narrator said shavers had the punch selection of a baseball pitcher 🤣🤣 which one thought Nolan Ryan are Randy Johnson ..??

  22. What an explosive, hard hitting fighter Shavers was, considering his shirt statue, and late start in boxing. I agree, when it comes to power, it’s all in the genes. A fighter might be able to improve their power a little bit, but raw power like Shavers had, comes natural. May he Rest In Peace.

  23. The similarities with shavers and Wilder are surprising, both can hit like a mule kicks but limited boxing skills

  24. People talk about Ernie Shavers and George Foreman as if they can't actually box, yes they were very powerful, but they were also really good boxers. Unlike Deontay Wilder who has to rely on that one punch, Ernie and big George could actually fight.

  25. Out of all the boxing channels that I follow on YouTube yours is the best. I love these historic story kind of videos where you're also teaching younger fans about classic Fighters

  26. I think all this talk about Mike Tyson being one of the greatest heavyweights is nonsense, he fought bums his while career except maybe 4 fighters. Ernie Shavers George Foreman Muhammad Ali those Fighters that of that era all fought each other and all fought the best

  27. Foreman wasnt as hard hitting BUT he hit and connected way more often….his onslaught of punches was relentless making him a better knockout boxer.

  28. The REAL reason Muhammad Ali is punch drunk. Not Larry Holmes

  29. I grew up watching Earnie Shavers and I was a big fan of his but he is no longer the hardest puncher in Boxing history! Deontey Wilder definitely is the hardest puncher in Boxing history! Wilder has superhuman strength in his right hand! His left hand has big power even though he barely uses it for knock outs. Both guys are definitely the hardest punchers but I still give the title to Deontey Wilder! Peace out!

  30. shavers foreman and tyson top dogs of KO

  31. He got his power from chapping down trees. When he ran out of trees he used a sledge on a truck tire

  32. That knockdown at 1:30 was dope as fuck. Was the ref really gonna count cause that dude was done 🤣

  33. Holmes would've surpassed Marcianos 49-0 record but th white man and Don King couldn't let that happen. He didn't lose that fight

  34. UMMM…Earnie Shavers highlight with Wilder dominating the thumbnail? Clickbait bullshit.

  35. Many will not agree but Deontay Wilder is the hardest puncher ever

  36. No one could take a punch like Ali but no one rocked Ali all night like Shavers did.

    Fraziers left hook in the first fight was also rocking Ali all night

  37. Rhythm Boxing has the combination of a great voice, great poetic gifts and great boxing knowledge.

  38. Why am I just finding out that Earnie Shavers passed six weeks ago?

  39. Oh gosh, 13:37 that's a killing punch ..seriously that can kill someone easily

  40. A funny story I have about Earnie Shavers that I told on another boxing channel a few weeks back:

    So several months ago, I was watching highlights of Holmes-Shavers II during my lunch break, and I had my phone propped up against my flimsy, empty lunch bag. Well literally RIGHT AS Shavers landed that famous right hand to knock Holmes down, my phone fell over.

    So because of that I jokingly went on to tell people that that was how hard Shavers hit; he hit so hard that a punch from 43 years ago knocked my phone over!

  41. 2 things. Had Shavers the "Heavyweight Championship" type of handlers/management Wilder's had, able to tiptoe him through the minefield of real opponents the way they've (credit where it's due) strategically done. Shavers most certainly would've also been Heavyweight Champion. Besides that, Earnie Shavers has more integrity and class in 1day of his life than Wilder does in his entire life.

  42. As a fight fan I’ve always known 2 things fans want to know . 1. Who’s the greatest champion and 2. Who’s the scariest fighter. Earnie may have not won the belt but his name is sung by all fighters including great champions as the scariest fighter to have ever stepped in the ring

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