Hammer Of The Gods – The Raw Power Of Earnie Shavers

Rhythm Boxing
Earnie Shavers was without question the hardest puncher in heavyweight history according to litterally everyone he ever laid a hand on. In the golden era of heavyweight boxing Earnie Shavers power was talked about as something a bit beyond human.

Footage Credit:
The Mayweather Channel

Writer Credit:
Zachary Gaskell –


  1. As a fight fan I’ve always known 2 things fans want to know . 1. Who’s the greatest champion and 2. Who’s the scariest fighter. Earnie may have not won the belt but his name is sung by all fighters including great champions as the scariest fighter to have ever stepped in the ring

  2. That's the difference when people talk about wilder being the hardest puncher ever. He doesn't have a list of proven heavyweights who are names and got hit by him and say he's the hardest ever. Earnie did. His knockdown of Holmes is enough to know it was the real deal.

  3. It’s so great to watch fights from the days when they really went and it and the refs didn’t interfere.

  4. Earnie Shavers was Puncher of the 20th Century. Deontay Wilder is the Puncher of the 21st Century. Both from Alabama.

  5. When earnie hit you it was like a Mac truck smashing into your body that man was super tough

  6. I got Earnie Shavers as the 2nd hardest puncher of all time. George Foreman is number 1.

  7. Well done. Shavers was one tough SOB. Rip…

  8. One of the most underrated punchers ever, thank you Rhythm 👌🏽 & RIP Earnie Shavers 🕊️

  9. This is the Best Documentary I've seen about the Man, thumbs up subbed, I watched these on wide world of sports as a kid, I think he's the Greatest Heavyweight to never get a Belt
    Thanks for years of Spectacular Performances God Bless you and your family Abundantly

  10. George hit harder then him hands down lol I’m not hearing he’s in no 1 hard hitter hell naw I’m not hearing it

  11. How the fuck Larry got up from that right hand Larry is underrated he just didn’t capture the peoples imagination he could box and fight don’t think he gets the credit.

  12. Hell if dillian Whyte is top 5 heavyweight according to boxrec then earnie shavers would be top 5 for sure if he was a boxer now. 1 uppercut from shavers and whytes gone

  13. heavyweight boxing is the only boxing i will ever eat and this is why

  14. I don't know, buy the look of each outcome, it'd seem Tyson had a harder punch just by the sheer head snap of the other fighter.
    When a sweaty fighter gets hit so hard ALL the sweat leaves his body, that's a good indication of power.

  15. Larry Holmes getting up from that overhand that quickly has got to be the most miraculous things I've ever seen!

  16. Idk Deontay Wilder hits harder then a mutha F cker 🥊

  17. Earnie is str8 beast but nobody beats tyson for the hardest and powerful hitter ever

  18. I'm about 5 minutes in and I've yet to see anything that seperates his power from any other boxer. Hopefully the rest of the video changes my perspective

  19. If shaver has the stamina and speed imagine how more dangerous he is
    Even George foreman ducks shaver
    Shaver's said on his comeback fight.
    R.I.P Earnie Shaver 🏆🥊

  20. 2:49 the big disaster is coming haha
    Most strong brutal uppercut I've ever seen.

  21. Thank you so much for this video to pay tribute to mr. Earnie Shaver 🏆🥊 R.I.P

  22. 16:50 to 17:17 the goosebumps that i felt bro so sad😢 can't believe until now he's already gone

  23. Shavers DID NOT have more power than foreman, it's the way he hit it was genuinely way more painful than being hit by foreman, george just sent yo ass

  24. That Ron Lyle fight looks like it was BRUTAL. I gotta find the whole fight.

  25. Not sure if the narrator did the research, but for all those involved in this video, outstanding job on the research and the footage to back it👏(standing ovation) and 'thank you' is not a strong enough word for boxing fans who understand.

  26. Someone once described the difference in Power of Foreman and Power of Shavers. Foreman threw consistently powerful punches, while Shavers was all in one shot like a shotgun blast. It’s really technical with the way they each individual delivered their knockout punch.

  27. The only thing ever to go into Orbit. Is your imagination.

  28. It would be awesome if you make a content about David Tua. He's another murderous Puncher in Boxing History

  29. Hammer from god is with the Greatest Tyson fury. Forget that wilder KO Robert ? The champ have to beat evry body! Wilder got beaten by fury three times and he do not want fight him any more. So wilder do not have the god hamer Bro but he is just a boxer. Mike tyson was and he will always be the greatest in KO. Nothing els and more than this is trash tolk

  30. Id like to see a wildier vs shavers comparison, wildiers ko punches dont make sense, he lands these weird shots that dont look that bad yet he puts people to sleep

  31. Very heavy handed. But wilder makes him look like a picnic 🧺. Wilders knockout reel is on another level. To anyone. Maybe beside Julian Jackson.

  32. "⁸Ernie would never be the most refine or classical boxer, and he didn't need to be." But if he was a little more refined, he would've taken out Lyle and Holmes. He would've been able to win a portion of the heavyweight title. And speaking of Larry, HE had "what every boxer wanted":durability, skill and determination. Shavers was fun to watch tho.

  33. Shavers v Weaver? Shavers wins a title, alas!

  34. But why is there a picture of deontay fucking wilder??? 🖕🏼

  35. Rip Earnie..guys like wilder or bigger than him,are still pretty boys in front of you…

  36. Please remove that sucking thumbnail of wilder. Yeah man it sucks, please remove

  37. Great video, albeit with Wilder in the thumbnail for no apparent reason lol.

  38. You'd think Deontay has the build to be pretty high on the power list.

  39. Watched it with my morning coffee great watch

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