Grand Theft Auto V – 10 Years Later

Grand Theft Auto V – 10 Years Later

Approaching GTA V’s 10th anniversary, I spend a grueling amount of time going through the game and seeing how it holds up all these years.

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Chapter Breaks :

00:00 – Intro
04:01 – Prologue
09:01 – Part 1: Franklin
37:34 – Part 2: Michael
1:07:17 – Part 3: Trevor
1:37:44 – Part 4: Reunion
2:12:24 – Part 5: Government Stooges
2:56:26 – Part 6: Revelations
3:19:56 – Finale
3:37:16 – Closing Thoughts


  1. This is superb content, as are all of your retrospectives. Play them sporadically while working and it’s so great to take a trip down memory lane while also hearing new insights and getting another perspective of classics, especially GTA:SA which is my favorite too.

    One thing I appreciated about these retrospectives is that you do a great job covering the story and manage to do so with the perfect amount of analysis and personality, so that it is still an insightful and fun listen while not being over the top or otherwise distracting from the content itself.

    Thanks for all the entertaining content you have made!

  2. One thing I realized is Steve Haines wanting Trevor dead, makes no sense to me.

    Most of his beef and interactions are centered around Michael. He interacts with Trevor (and Franklin) very little throughout the story. And considering by the events leading up to it, it would make far more sense for him to want Michael gone.

    The only other group that want Trevor dead specifically are Wei's gang, so maybe it would've made more sense if they tried to make Franklin do it instead of Steve? But outside the mission where he kills a bunch of their men, Franklin doesn't really interact with them so it would also hold no real weight.

    This whole "Kill Trevor or Michael" dilemma really was forced, man.

  3. Ah to be 18 again and play this for the first time. I use to get high as a kite then drink some soco and iced tea while playing this game.

  4. The fact I wasn’t even in high school when this game came out and now I’m in my second year of University 💀

  5. Honestly I'm not going to lie I hated the 3 characters because they changed clothing when not playing as them. Just meant I had to waste time going to a place to redress them.

  6. GTA 4's driving wasn't for everyone, but satisfying once you got the hang of it. I think I remember pulling PIT Maneuvers on the cops in my getaways.

  7. In my opinion … one of the reasons I never got to enjoy this gta is the amount of despicable characters ..that are thrown at your face . I dont think I really like the parody of modern LA americans . Ans Im not even American . The potrail just makes me hate doing the campaign

  8. …what do you mean there is no auto-aim? Just finished the entire game on my Steam Deck using autoaim. You just need to turn it back on, its on by default on consoles but not on PC for some reason

  9. Super excited to watch this, Its been a LONG time coming. Just wanted to say I SO AGREE that the opening scene for Trevor with Johnny is so perverse, and I think its intended to be, Aside from Packie, there are virtually 0 callback characters in 5, let alone the rest of the series, who get treated with anything even tangentially bordering the area around the dictionary containing the word "respect". It seems its a staple in the series from my exploration of the games, so I tried not to get too mad about it but I still really dislike it

  10. Man your video too good man i cant say will sit and watch tv shows for hours but I have watched every single gta Retrospective. Waiting for rdr series

  11. This video reminded what a reprehensible person Amanda is. Like Michael is a crook so he's hardly a saint himself. But she has no place taking some bogus moral high ground over him.

  12. I would’ve loved to have Lamar as a heist crew option. I think they could’ve done something very funny for him. His cut would always be like 3-5% and his skill would be almost non existent, his skill level would also only go up like half as much as everyone else.

  13. Negative
    Game development is easier and cheaper then any other period in history. The only thing that's truly ballooned in costs isn't actually development
    It's marketing, the budget for that has increased so much it's not even funny as actual development is usually only a small fraction of the costs

  14. Maybe it’s because I didn’t play the DLC. But regardless of the Johnny character, Trevor is hands-down, my favorite character in GTA five

  15. I thought there was a part where the therapist makes a book or something about micheal??:o

  16. 13:05 The police in GTA 4 are just as bad and have the same aimbot and 'magically finding you' tactics. I assume this was carried over to 5 as well. Shaking off the police is less tedious in 5 because the search area feature in GTA 4 does not allow you to hide anywhere, you're forced to run.

  17. Lamar should have been the protag. nnnnniiiggaaaa

  18. I always assumed the weed guy was lacing his shit with pcp or something LOL

  19. If you aim at johnny after regaining control of trevor you get a red reticle implying hes not actually dead

  20. how old is every one here. Unless your under age kids trying to like Adults 😅😅just being funny don’t mind me

  21. I've recently finish this game after 10 years of it's release, my 1st and only GTA experience… And all I can say is, the Story Telling is a Masterpiece. Never bother to play this type of game back then because I'm a Fantasy RPG, Action Adventure, and MMORPG guy, never crossed my mind to play this, since I'm not a fan of Shooter/Ultra Violent Games but The Last of Us helped me to appreciate this genre. As a family man in my 30s, I felt the ridiculous lives of Michael with his Family Struggles/Middle Age Crisis, Franklin with his thirst of power while balancing his life as a part of the hood, and the Main Course… Trevor's Insane Crazy Antics, Orthodox but Genuine Way of Living, and Undoubted Friend Loyalty! He's the reason why I love this game! This game is perfect in this crazy world we live in! Hahah! =D

  22. I'd love to see you go into GTA Online, although you aren't wrong that it would be a massive effort to make a video for it. The "story" is a little all over the place as it each update isn't in a sequential order and some of the later additions happen before GTA V's story while others happen during and after.

  23. One more thing about The Merryweather Heist is that Michael has a feeling it'll fall apart without Lester, which it did.

  24. Trever is just A like blue Character chaotically good Not a Hero insane but Great combat trained Survivalist weapons armory & got his Redemption. If u Save him from geting Killed he plays a important roll in the Story he can be a great guy in this game u can change his Path & Characters in gta 5 how the player plays the Characters in the real world people have A choice to make there path . Always Redemption to redeem a man of every evil choice he makes in life Or his path . This Must be the reason why i play RdR2 the Story is great RockStar Games can do better then GTA 5 Rdr2 They just Drop the Ball on good games Vice City, Liberty Stories ,San Andreas & Max Pain they pull the plug on those games Vice City
    was there baby old school game they can redo it & make it better then gta 5 online gta vI is just a clone it can be a expansion to GTA V what they just made. it a stand alone love craft story no point for me to play it if comes out in stores i’ll just hold on to my guns for another Rockstar better game or keep a eye open .

  25. Can't believe you didn't choose packie in the paleto heist, it would have triggered the conversation where he speaks about the bank heist of liberty city , he will mention his brothers and Niko and as well

  26. 10 year old R1's cost as much as they did new too, when did depreciation just stop being a thing
    they stopped making new models 8 years ago now too, like this'll do… slight tweaks but its the same thing at the core

  27. Did you know that The sopranos has a PS2 video game?

  28. I like when you flip cars in V that you can roll them back over instead of just exploding

  29. the edit to dcc music at 53 minutes is worth a comment

  30. This is so much better than playing this game yet again 😂😂 thank you 👍

  31. the music licences for the game are going to expire very soon now

  32. GTAV story is better then GTA SA i played SA a LOT but only played it once 100% GTAV on the other hand 18 times: 13 times on the 360 4 times PC 1 time xbox one. GTAV is waaay more entertaining yet SA has its good features like pool, fitness and casinos .

  33. I remember playing this on ps3, good times

  34. 2:51:28 is on par with Lester going hi Franklin and Franklin going sup :⁠-⁠)

  35. One of the reasons for them getting rid of Johnny was because of the reactions and backlash rockstar got from fans about the Lost DMC dlc. So they assumed no one cared about Johnny, the Lost and treated them like jobbers

  36. RE: Lester in the hospital gown… I totally had dialogue between Michael and Franklin that talked about how he was going into the hospital for treatment, so it wasn't a surprise to me. Maybe you had to do some of the Franklin/Lester side missions before the container ship heist

  37. im so glad im not the only one who thinks the sea in gta is scary

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