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  1. Never said he shouldn't do it, just saying that if he does there will be trolls 😛

  2. You should play either 4 second frenzy or QWOP! Both are awesome games.

  3. Hay Brayden you should play stick assassin :D!!!!!!!!!


  5. he's not making a series…just playing it once

  6. Either way, on one of my older channels I uploaded 1 video about it, got about half of the comments saying that I was copying. Might not happen too him, but it happened to me.

  7. not a fan a fanboy who excuses every one who plays happy wheels of copying pewdiepie

  8. Thanks for all these awesome game ideas everyone :D!!

  9. Play: Flight
    i recomend googlin' Flight flash games

  10. ya it went through log u is awsome KEEP RUSHING!!!!

  11. Play "The Heist" on addictinggames! P.S liked and favorite'd

  12. I hope you don't mind but i think i might put something like this on my channel
    Even if u hate this idea im going to anyways because i dont care what any1 says i just keep going

  13. Any potty racers and I don't need a shout out

  14. TCR you have some serious skills man!

  15. You should play Raze 2 for flash game Friday

  16. nice head shot i wish i could always comet but i had to ask my brother to play his coputer but i watch you on youtube on xbox just for you dude [love you]lol

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