Fire Ants Going to War (Part 2)

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  1. Nothing compares to fights of weaver ants vs yellow crazy ants, carebara vs black crazy ants and army ants destroying yellow crazy ants

  2. Wow these ants are killing each other! Literally disemboweling and beheading ants is just soooooo epic, what an epic Fortnite gamer moment y’all so epically epic

  3. Those are big headed ants versus fire ants

  4. When I was going somewhere, the car was out of smoke and stopped so it needed to get fixed And literally THERE WAS A WAR BEETWEEN RED FIRE ANTS, BLACK ANTS AND YELLOW ANTS!

  5. They not same species why like that the 2 colony was different by evolution even though he is of the same species but he has changed their shape and way of speaking and their bodies etc

  6. Who ever find this comment hope you having a good day 😊

  7. Question: how do you start an ant colony? They seem like great pets to have!

  8. Whoop! I love to see the things you post so amazing or maybe even, antmazing?

  9. Says wild fire ants as if there's such thing as domestic fire ants

  10. Be careful soon they may start getting into the Stone Age 😱😱

  11. I swear to God if you don't stop doing daily shorts of old content I'm going to have to unsubscribe. I don't need this cluttering up my feed

  12. So are the bodies consumed or do they go to the base of the colony where their waste is stored?

  13. Chaos to normality again in an hour! That's Ant life!

  14. WoRLD STAR PT 2.. the chicken was mugged and his homies dropped..

  15. Imagine if ants were as big as our feet! They would destroy everything!

  16. Can ants heal, or are they recycled if they become damaged?

  17. Bro baited two colonies to attack each other for content

  18. Ants: peace is temporary. War is forever!!!

  19. How do the ants with dead ants clung to them remove the dead ants.?

  20. How do they know which colony the other ants belong to they all look the same how do they not friendly fire 😂

  21. The story of the great fire ant dying & then prospering

  22. can you make place where there is a cave and a small pond with any ant

  23. Before this video I watch fire and video I have seen something everything has been change but you are the same and your videos are the same fun

  24. I found a fire Queen ant and I captured it do queen ants need oxygen cause I put him in a mini box with no holes in the mini box

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