Experts Reveal What Really Happened (Full Episode) | Area 51: The CIA’s Secret

National Geographic
Using the most up-to-date information and expert interviews, Area 51: The CIA’s Secret approaches the history of the base’s development in a brand new way and answers the question of what really happened at Area 51.

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Experts Reveal What Really Happened (Full Episode) | Area 51: The CIA’s Secret

National Geographic


  1. Nice documentary NG! YouTube adding Wikipedia definitions to videos is annoying; please stop.

  2. Vote for Pedro and all your wildest dreams will come true.

  3. This is where they tested all the drones and military technology that you’re seeing today duh.

  4. Interesting show, however after 8 commercial breaks inside 30 minutes, I had enough.
    Gave a big dislike and went on to something else.
    Too bad

  5. 🇺🇸🇺🇦❤‬🤍💙💛🌹🇮🇱🤍💙‬

  6. For the security of our country, leave it alone…

  7. I don't believe the government or the CIA anything they're telling us about area 51. The stuff they're telling us is old old old

  8. overhyped topic – tell us all the details about Hanford – Bill Gates just began building a nuclear reactor and plans many more – this topic is just boring – aging nuclear plants all across USA are crumbling and the decommissioned ones are very costly seismic time bombs with millions of gallons of risky nuclear waste storage – many are near the ocean

  9. In 1990, after reading about Bob Lazar in the LA Weekly, I went to Area 51 with my boyfriend. Bob Lazar said that they flew these things on Wednesday nights because that was when there was the least traffic on the highway. We stopped at the Little Ale’Inn, met Joe and Pat Travis and got directions to the black mailbox road. We parked there all night, and around 3 am we saw a giant glowing ball of light float up over the mountains. It floated around and did some horizontal movement, and then floated back down. I think we saw them testing one of the craft. 🛸

  10. Yes, they tested all kinds of secret craft there and it’s part of the Nevada test site, but they do have extraterrestrial craft at S4

  11. When they first show the f117. Nighthawk.. isn’t that the later b2?

  12. just more BS that doesn't expose anything…..blah blah blah area 51

  13. Gary Powers and U-2 weRe shot down oveR USSR, 1957–mistakes ought not happen by Nat'l Geo–at all? Check as to why he was even over that spot! Saw two gRays (not space cadets), down below 57 flooRs, when I had cleaRances.

  14. I will save you 44 mins. National Geographic got in trouble for getting WAY TOO CLOSE, So the military made them air this and gave them all this footage of what they want us to see.

  15. Meanwhile in other places in the country …

  16. The details of area 51 should never be declassified in the best interest of the country.

  17. Fact Check
    You have not lost a single American plane since the Vietnam war, because America has ONLY fought People riding Camels and carrying a AK 47 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  18. Iran is Hight tech Thecnology Drones….💪🇮🇷

  19. Cia and Mossad ….Usa and Israel
    Criminal Company … in flight …

  20. Are you telling me area 51 is not related to aliens?😢

  21. Even the US President can’t even get inside ya! 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. My bet is that since everyone knows about Area 51 now, whatever they didn't want us to know about it, is now moved. Ain't no way there still is something there that even google maps have accessible.

  23. The reason we want Ukraine and Crimea is because of the huge titanium deposits there. Trillions of dollars worth of it.

  24. i know shes lying like always shell be in prison soon

  25. IBM Black Project Department Chief 🫡 (M.I.B) Klingons (Yautja Predators) are real. 🫢♟️✌️

  26. Filming a sign that says filming the sign is illegal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  27. I went into Area 51 on my dirt bike with a friend in the late 2010's. We were stupid teenagers doing typical stupid teenager things. Wasn't more then 10 minutes before we were stopped by military police in black SUV's. We were held for hours. Our parents were NOT happy. And no, you can't see anything but desert when you're there.

  28. When the F117 was shot down during the Yugoslav war, the Chinese acquired the wreckage. That night a bombing by cruise missiles destroyed their embassy . By mistake of course, old maps blamed. China still got the stealth technology , just smaller pieces.

  29. This is not new, this is an old video re-released. It's ancient, and it's fake dramatics quickly clue the viewer in that they have no real information to present. Clikbait regurg.

  30. National Geographic clearly isn’t familiar with restricted air space.
    The US has hidden bases like this all around the world.

  31. civilians arent experts on anything secret in the military at all and never will. its not civliians jobs to know about country secrets or military secrets. civilians opinions dont make the military operate

  32. It's all lies, they all lie, it's just a maze of smoke and mirrors. The SR 71 was designed 70 years ago, what do you think they have now out there?

  33. Nuclear program 😂 models blown up with trickery special effects…Nuclear weapons are a fearmongering hoax created for simpleminded village idiots to keep them busy and confused down a fruitless rabbit hole ….

  34. Disavowed and unacknowledged by the United States government I thought he was talking about the American people, but then he said 60 years well the government’s been doing that for 250

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