Enkyo’s Dharma talk, “Showing Up to What Is Here, Now,” June 23, 2024

Village Zendo
The Village Zendo’s virtual zendo is privileged to present, “Showing Up to What Is Here, Now,” a dharma talk in which Enkyo Roshi offers thoughts on Dogen’s well-known “Genjokoan.” Using her translation as “The Koan of Showing Up,” she engages the challenge of facing life as it is: the politics, the personal challenge of aging, and the needs of the world, today.

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  2. Enkyo…your gentle analysis of Zen concepts, all done with care, humor, and wisdom, always gives me pause AND makes me realize how fragile this life is. As a caregiver, I feel very focused on ME, how this affects ME. And I have to remind myself that I have to offer myself to my wife with courage rather than regret for our situation. I wish my ‘practice’, which, regrettably, sucks, were more at the top of the pyramid for me. I’ll try to do better this year. Thank you for your wisdom.

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