Do You Know These Gen Alpha Words?

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  1. Griddy, Preppy, and Bet are not Gen Alpha 💀
    Edit: Besides, Gen alpha started in 2012 or something

  2. I’m half Rizz, half Skibidi Sigma Sus af and my parents don’t exist

  3. I am Born 2011 and i wish i would not be Gen Alpha and i do bot like or use these words. And sometimes i think I am over my Generation

  4. "Born after 2010"
    sir did you do your research- 😭

  5. I’m gen Z and idk even kno what half of these meant 😭😭😭
    Am I the only one?

  6. Isn’t the word that fizzled sounds like the paper cigarettes are made of

  7. Goofy ahh is literally just a child friendly version of goofy ass 😭

  8. Sam the type of guy to have a stuffy nose

  9. I miss the days of "yeet" and dabbing.

  10. Look I like skibidi like the original series made by dafuqboom! But the content farms HOLY CRAP THEY ARE BAD

  11. Gen Alpha?
    99.99% were gen z words 😂

  12. Rizz means someone with charisma?

    Barack obama has entered the chat

  13. ChaRIZZma, giving the word rizz short for charisma.

  14. I was born in 2011 and only know half of these

  15. I was born on the first year Gen Alpha and I don’t even skibidi

  16. People who grew up with "yeet", "mlg quickscope", "2+2 is 4 minus 1 that's quick maths"

  17. Nah bet is gen Z i feel like sigma is more like gen alpha

  18. I felt my prefrontal cortex slowly just melt while watching this video

  19. I’m a millennial and I’ve been saying bet since like 1997.

  20. Fun fact skibidi is someone who just committed 5 tax frauds

  21. Ok but Gan alpha started in 2013 not 2010 right?

  22. GenZ language 💀 that some fucking gay words

  23. Actually according to Google rizz means someone who has never felt the touch of a woman

  24. I am barely Gen-Alpha and i suppose i can be disappointed.

  25. I am a gen alpha and i swear i don't know any of these words

  26. I know these words, I just don’t know what they mean lmao

  27. The preppy just killed meee no drunk elephant posters and BEEEAAACHHH AAAAHHHHHH

  28. Bet i thought was betting/gambling

  29. All of these words outside of skibiddy were created by Gen z or older 😂😂

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