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#Memellion #Dankness


  1. #Dankness
    women : men are predators
    me : what about Mary Kay Letourneau?
    women : and i took that personally

  2. I wish that all humanity no longer needs to eat or sleep and also an end to all diseases.

  3. :22 – Thug son!!! Better gun shots than cum shots!!

  4. 7:07 I ally myself with the giant spiders and betray humanity, I assist in the extermination plan

  5. I wish to be a DM for a DnD campaign with god.

  6. 12:08 don't forget about the throwing lolis into the tentacle pit 😍

  7. You can beat the thug out of him. But not the gay, that is a big no-no

  8. Everybody can do me blowj0b but…

  9. also hope i dont get banned for this but 6:13 lil testicular torsion

  10. Memes before supper.
    I don’t have any bros or hoes.

  11. Thug son, at least i can rat him and the police can kill him

  12. Thug, because anything is better than being a gey.

  13. # dankness I have the ability to transform into anything

  14. I rather fu*k my son than have the police doing that (⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ)

  15. You should put the YouTube video watched bar at the bottom of a thumbnail just to fuck with peoples heads.
    “What? Did I already watch this? No it just came out, did I mindlessly click it? Do I have ADD?”

  16. #Dankness

    Each main killer from Scream summed up.

    Scream 1: young man with abandonment issues.
    Scream 2: vengeful mother.
    Scream 3: young man with abandonment issues.
    Scream 4: Only Fans girl goes homicidal.
    Scream 5: Only Fans girl goes homicidal.

  17. 2:32
    first date
    she insisted we come to parking behind park
    and i should park somewhere dark
    then she decided we go for a walk
    "i was used to coming here often"
    "mostly for sherx"
    you what?🤨

    not really sure what to do now but she is decent and is into cars
    but i have no alternative at the moment
    so i guess i will try working something out of it…

  18. I wish for my existence to stop, deleting every memory about me

  19. "Rather him take cum shots than gun shots."


    You know what, actually he makes a good point.

  20. Lil ear infection…..idk if that's a good rapper name or not…

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