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  1. I wish to to not wish

  2. Love all of these, not just the thumbnail.

    I'm not so sure about taking back shots instead of gun shots, because of how many men and women regret being in porn, but I see the point.

  3. Id rather have a thug son, I could work with that, he wants to be the gun toting tough guy, I'll teach him how to do it right

  4. I wish to be a god(How you gonna ruin that)

  5. Definitely the thug son. At least they can carry on the lineage and when they have children they're perspective on life changes.

  6. 0:24 just nuke that heresy. Simple and cost effective. Also why

  7. I wish women didn't want to get married/smashed so much.

  8. Okay, we talking femboy gay or 9ft buff leather jacket beard and motorcycle gay.

  9. "You make a wish, and someone in the comments will try to ruin it"

    Hm. Fair enough. My wish is to see my father alive and well again so that he can see my sister's children, his grandchildren. Dumbass decided asking for help over a debt was too much, and gave himself shotgun mouthwash. Still peeved at him for making such a stupid decision, but… Eh.

  10. Tbh having a gay son is free head which is a price I like

  11. @11:14. What's crazy is that I'm African, and I have chronic sinus🤣🤣. I wonder if I'm killing Europeans? 🤔🤔 Reverse colonization.

  12. Both so i can do a social experiment by unowning them and see who likes either and none get chosen for 10 years im going to come back and say do you regret your choices now

  13. I wish that the universe stops infinitely expanding. Ruin this mfs

  14. Out of all dogs why does the Doctor have to be a Chihuahua

  15. For the thumbnail, I would rather have a thug son

  16. I wish I had the power to parry one of my my dad's punches.

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