China’s Increasing Aggression in the West Philippine Sea

The Department of Foreign Affairs said the Philippines has filed another diplomatic protest against China, the 55th just for 2023 alone.

The protest comes after one of the Philippines’ contracted boats on a resupply mission to the Ayungin Shoal was blocked by a Chinese Coast Guard vessel, resulting in a collision.

During the same mission, a Philippine Coast Guard vessel’s port side was also “bumped by Chinese Maritime Militia vessel while it was lying to approximately 6.4 nautical miles northeast of Ayungin Shoal.

The Chinese Coast Guard meanwhile promptly released a statement on Sunday saying the Philippine vessels made an “unauthorized entry” “deliberately stirred up trouble” by reversing and colliding with a Chinese fishing vessel, which was floating in the vicinity.

We’ll talk about this latest incident in the West Philippine Sea and it’s larger implication in the geopolitical scene in Southeast Asia with maritime security expert Ray Powell, Director of SeaLight and Project Lead for Project Myoushu at Stanford University’s Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation.


  1. But we should not forget that in the Philippines we have the oldest china town in the world.

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    1.) NATIONAL SECURITY = China’s 10-Dashed line would bring china’s
    national boundary in very close proximity to Philippines.
    -64 kilometers from Balabac island, southernmost island in Palawan.
    -only 70 kilometers from the coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte,
    -And 44 kilometers from the yami island, which is the northernmost island
    in Batanes. This poses a serious security issue for us all.

    2.) FOOD SECURITY = Philippines will lose about 80% of it’s
    Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Which means that many of Philippine fishermen
    will not be able to fish in most parts of the south china sea, and that means
    less catch of fish for our fishermen, and less supply of fish in the market,
    which will in turn drive the prices of fish in the market higher and we
    will also be compelled to import.

    3.) ENERGY SECURITY = Philippines will lose “Reed Bank” and part of the
    “Malampaya” gas field. Our Malampaya gas field is running out of it’s reserves
    and once it does, there will be rotational power outage of 10-14 hours a day.
    This will affect many businesses as they can’t operate without power. You can’t
    even work from home because there is no power! in short, many Filipinos
    will be jobless, and this will be a lot worse than the covid-19 pandemic!

    4.) MINERAL RESOURCES SECURITY = The West Philippine Sea is rich in fish, oil and
    natural gas. Losing West Philippine Sea will have deal a very huge blow to our
    economy and quality of life in the future.

    This is why it is very important for all the Filipinos to stand united on the
    WPS issue and continue to voice support in all of our governments effort
    to uphold the 2016 Ruling.

    SOURCE: E-Book titled "South China Sea Dispute" – written by
    the now retired associate chief justice Antonio T. Carpio.
    The book is available in three 3 different languages, "Filipino",
    "English" and "Japanese". It is a must-read book for every Filipino,
    especially for the youth. you can get a free copy of the E-book by
    going to the "Institute For Maritime And Ocean Affairs" website.

    1.) In 1946 (After world war 2)
    -China seized the "Amphitrite", half of the Paracels group of islands.
    -China also took "Itu Aba" in the Spratlys following the
    defeat of the Japanese.

    2.) In 1974
    -China seized the other half of the Paracels group of islands,
    "Crescent group" of the Paracels islands from the south of
    Vietnamese government.

    3.) In 1987
    -UNESCO was conducting a global oceanic survey, and china volunteered
    to help UNESCO, China said they will help UNESCO, they will put up a weather
    radar station in "Fiery Cross Reef" to help UNESCO. at first, everybody believed
    it was a noble act, but china later turned "Fiery Cross Reef" into an air and
    naval base of china.

    4.) In 1988
    -China Seized "Subi Reef" From the Philippines, Philippines did not
    notice it, it was not reported in the news papers in manila because
    back then, the Philippines was not yet familiar with the UNCLOS.
    -China later created a 394-hectare artificial island on the Subi Reef,
    hosting a 3-kilometer military grade runway and sea port.
    -China also seized "Johnson South Reef" from the Vietnamese.this led to a
    skirmish between the chinese and Vietnamese and 69 Vietnamese sailors were
    killed in the skirmish.

    5.) In 1995
    -China seized "Mischief Reef" from the Philippines. this incident was
    widely reported in newspapers in Philippines. China once again lied
    by saying, that the stilt structures built on Mischief Reef were mere
    shelters for chinese fishermen.
    -Mischief Reef is just 125 Nautical miles from Palawan Philippines, which
    is a Low-Tide Elevation within Philippine's Exclusive Economic Zone, as a
    Low-Tide Elevation Beyond the territorial sea of any state, "Mischief Reef"
    is part of the continental shelf of the adjacent coastal state, which is the
    Philippines. Under UNCLOS, only the Philippines can exploit the natural
    resources in or erect structures on mischief reef.

    6.) In 2012
    -China seized the Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal) from the Philippines.
    this was widely reported in the Philippines also.

    7.) In 2013
    -China seized Luconia shoals from Malaysia, Luconia shoals is only
    54 Nautical miles from the coast of sabah.
    -On January 23, 2013, An arbitration case was filed by the Philippines
    against china in the permanent court of arbitration to settle the
    maritime disputes between Philippines and china.

    8.) In 2014-2015
    -The "Mischief Reef" which china seized from the Philippine back in 1995
    was turned into a 590-hectare artificial island, hosting an air and naval
    base with a 3 kilometer military grade runway.

    9.) In 2016
    -In July 12, 2016, the UNCLOS Tribunal in the Hague unanimously ruled
    in favor of the Philippines. the ruling invalidated china's 9-dashed
    line claim. (This means china's now 10-dash line claim is still invalid)
    -The 2016 UNCLOS Ruling stated that "There was no legal basis for China to
    claim historic rights to resources within the sea areas falling within the
    9-dashed line"

    10.) In 2017
    -Despite of the UNCLOS Tribunal Ruling of 2016, china seized another
    island from the Philippines, "Sandy Cay" Island.
    -Apparently, china did not honor the decision of the international court,
    despite of the fact that china is also one of the member states in the

    1.) E-Book titled "South China Sea Dispute: Philippine Sovereign Rights and
    Jurisdiction in the West Philippine Sea" by Antonio T. Carpio. The
    E-book is currently available in three 3 different languages, English,
    Filipino and Japanese. you can get a free copy of the E-book by going
    to the "Institute For Maritime And Ocean Affairs" website.
    2.) Antonio T. Carpio, is a former Associate Chief Justice Of the Philippine's
    Supreme Court.

    Please Read "The South China Sea Dispute". a free E-book
    written by Justice Carpio himself. it is available in Engish, Filipino and
    Japanese Language. you can get it by going to Institute For Maritime And Ocean
    Affairs" website.

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  8. China may be embargoed by countries that support the Philippines.

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  10. The logic is so clear that the Philippines had won at the arbitral tribunal for the EEZ (Exclusive economic zone) of the Philippines.🎉
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  11. China's narrative is so ridiculous claiming the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

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