Build A Raft Battle

Dude Perfect
Homemade rafts in level 5 rapids.. what could go wrong! Todays battle gets INSANE!
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Filmed on Location at: RIVERSPORT in OKC

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Comment: Where do you think Gar is?

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  1. 8:27 To the other dudes: how rude! Ty was CLEARLY having a spasm and none of you were helping! Shame on you! (Nah, just kidding. love the vids)

  2. Imagine becoming extremely wealthy for being a top-tier child. Every man’s dream.

  3. Garrett is in a anniversary with her wife

  4. I feel like what Coby needed with his raft was a slightly wider design and a cockpit. Like he overall was pretty top heavy with the design. Maybe a styrofoam cockpit could have given him better control, but honestly he just wasn't beating the Swimmer/Not Swimmer Cody.

  5. Gar is banwol island in south korea because everything is purple there💜💜

  6. So much for the staff not wanting foam in the river

  7. Ty why you were flipping you’re boat is because the barriers were creating lateral waves and if you hit all those laterals straight on you would have done flawless

  8. im not trying to be a nerd but when ty flipped over he turtled not capsized, capsized is when you go on your side

  9. Watching dude perfect i feel like im not wasting time at all and watching fun stuff this is one of the rare videos I can watch till the end without looking away even once, because videos like this feel complete and fun, I have recently been watching alot of tiktok so I get bored pretty easily but not
    for videos like these, because I feel like watching a fun video and eager to see who will win.

  10. Garret is still on the tank from the vehicle bucket list

  11. I was really enjoying this until I realized HE WAS WEARING SHOES AND SOCKS
    Still love the vid tho lol

  12. 🎶Garett’s got Covid. No, I ain’t gonna sugarcoat it.🎶

  13. Cody's airtime though… And I thought Steel Vengeance was reigning supreme with 27.2 seconds of airtime.

  14. gar is probably on a vacation with his family

  15. One thing for sure boys, Tyler is very creative in his terms 😂

  16. I think if Ty somehow melted the raft together he could have finished with a boat

  17. Garrett ate a purple carott and then was sent to Nganglam, Bhutan, to clean a car

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