🔴 Arguing with an UNREASONABLE person

Sometimes you’ll talk to a seemingly intelligent person, and they cannot entertain ANYTHING outside their principles. Or put another way; why are some intelligent people so unreasonable?

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DATE: 10-SEP-2023
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  1. If you can, level balance the volume of your guests. Rocket is barely audible. Increasing the volume to do so makes everyone else pretty loud. It takes away from the excellent discussion.

  2. You cannot have a relationship with someone committed to misunderstanding. What is black to you may well appear white to them. There is no common ground. As such, any treaties formed are faulty from the beginning and are destined to fail.

  3. Plus, beauty has become a higher commodity, and increasingly growing. 😢😢😢 Human could you do a video on beauty becoming a higher cost now😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉?

  4. Great guests! I'm loving this format. I learned so much from this channel last year. I watched almost all your videos. It's been a real game changer even in my own finances as I learned being over-emotional isn't cute and I don't even have to do it. Also learned attention does not equal love or how into you he is. It took a bit practice but now so little is needed and it left a lot space in my life. I really did a lot of self reflection and it's been amazing. I wasnt able to learn anything new from men who were just giver-uppers or picker-uppers. I didn't need someone to work out more or make more. I needed somehow reasonable who could communicate who they are, what they need and what qualities they find attractive and works for them in a relationship. This only touches on what I've learned but I don't want to bore you with an essay 😄

  5. Maybe if men didn't prioritize pleasure and didn't jump in bed with every woman they met, they wouldn't be so concerned about their body count. Which bodies are you counting?

  6. Woman come to mind when the word Unreasonable is mentioned. Arguing with a woman is like having a go at a dog for barking, You will never get through to it. Always best to walk away if and when it is safe to do. Life is to short for toxic nonsense

  7. Some people just have lower levels of agreeableness. Agreeableness does not follow any specific gender a willingness to be agreeable is all that’s needed.

  8. Those 'intelligent people' are not actually intelligent.

  9. I’m not sure if I am mistaken, but I think I have seen your face on a Netflix documentary about far-right/Nazi content. If that was really you, I would make them pay for it. Hope I’m wrong, but it was an episode of “Web of make believe”…

  10. For me the one factor that determines how engaged i am is this: are you talking with me, or are you just talking AT me.

  11. I agree with your points. I have definitely engaged in narrow-minded emotional conversations online. It's an attempt to feel better about myself by "owning" someone else's worldview. In recognizing that and trying instead to have good-faith conversations instead, my arguments become less brittle and it's more of an exploration of a topic to come to a better understanding.

  12. I notice that when we use critical analysis, we often use "other" pronouns. "Other people make x mistake" instead of "I have made x mistake." I understand it as a defensive way of being critical, especially when talking to others. I think that it's useful to examine my own faults critically and say things like "I have used defensive language in arguments, I have engaged in ego-preservation, etc." It helps to avoid making those mistakes in the future or feeling superior than those inferior "others."

  13. We have to remember that history was glamorized by the victors, wars are great examples of that. The reality is that the majority of men don't want to go fight pointless wars, they were coerced and forced into that.
    As far as following through and keeping their word I've noticed men demonstrate loyalty towards other men more because it's part of their identity in male spaces, but things change when they enter female space, they don't believe women deserve the same loyalty.

  14. Rev. Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Drinkers. says:

    It costs like 20 dollars more for glssses without glare.

  15. If you huMAN and Rocket possessed great level of intelligence they wouldn't refer to women who lack education and economic opportunities as Bimbos. I guess huMANs GF if he has her matches his level of intelligence perfectly if she is OK with him speaking disrespectfully towards women.

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